What Is Weekend Bag: Weekend Bag Ultimate Guide 101

One of the main flip sides of a modern lifestyle is the constant stress and pressure that accompany it. Whether the source of your funk is something as clockwork-like as daily professional deliverables or something as complex as your life goals and their pursuit, more often than not, a pause, however brief, is the simple yet effective resolution. This is why impromptu weekend getaways are now considered better and more feasible than planned vacations.

If you are about to embark on a weekend trip, you absolutely must get a good weekend bag. Sometimes, having the right weekend bag can be as important as having the right travelling companion. Therefore, it is important to know what constitutes a good weekend bag; here is a simple guide on how to choose and pack one.

What is a Weekend Bag?
As the name suggests, a weekend bag is a bag that contains everything that you may need for a trip lasting a weekend or a few days. This includes clothes, toiletries, and the bare essentials you simply cannot do without; of course, that list automatically includes your phone, its charger, and headphones/AirPods.

Therefore, a weekend bag must be spacious yet not too spacious. You simply do want to face the temptation of packing more; remember that one of the golden rules of packing for a trip is 'less is more'.

What to Pack (and What Not to) in a Weekend Bag?
There simply cannot be a universal answer to this question since it is as subjective as it gets. In order to have a comfortable trip, it is pivotal to pack the essential items in your weekend bag, but what is perhaps more essential is not packing too much.

First things first, carry as few gadgets as possible. The whole point of a weekend trip is escaping the grind of daily life, right?! Yes, you may want to stay connected but having a laptop or tablet attached to your hip is tantamount to going to a conference, not a vacation.

Secondly, ensure that you pack in accordance with your destination and intended itinerary. For instance, if you are going to a hill station and plan to trek or hike, pack the required clothing and gear. In contrast, a trip to a beach town would entail packing swimming shorts and sunscreen.

Thirdly, be mindful of not stretching your poor, old weekend bag to the seams because you do not want your bag falling apart at the airport, train station, or worse yet, during the trip, and you want your bag to fit in an aircraft cabin. If you check it in, you might as well bid adieu to traversing through airports at a robust pace.

Weekend Bag as a Carry-on?
As a general rule, a weekend bag must be a carry-on bag permissible as aircraft cabin luggage bags. This size constraint serves two significant purposes - it makes your total travel time shorter, and it ensures that you do not overpack.

A weekend bag can be a duffle bag, backpack, cabin bag, rucksack, or pack. It just has to be big enough to hold all your essential items but small enough to fit inside the overhead cabin of an aircraft. Since the cabin dimensions vary for different aircrafts, you must check those particulars whilst booking your flight.

What Makes a Weekend Bag Good?
A good weekend bag should ideally strike a balance between comfort and style, structural strength and aesthetic appeal, and utility and visual impact. Therefore, it should have multiple compartments and zip enclosures for storing different types of items and for easy access. Furthermore, the handles and straps should be strong and durable.

If you often travel to places where it rains a lot, it would serve you well to invest in a waterproof weekend bag. Similarly, it is always preferable to opt for darker hues so that your weekend bag gathers minimal dust.

` The Size of a Weekend Bag: Big? Small? - You Cannot Have It All!
You can have a big weekend bag or a small one; then again, those are relative terms, are they not?! Your weekend bag is the abode of your travel essentials; therefore, it should have enough space to ensure safe transit for them. However, too big a weekend bag could flout the cabin luggage restrictions of most airlines; hence, you must be careful while selecting the size of your trusted travelling assistant.

` Purchasing A Weekend Bag - Here is What You Must Look Out For
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