Types of Bags – Stylish Types of Backpacks for Men & Women

When it comes to style, the lines are blurring about typical preferences of men and women. No longer is a fashion item exclusive to a particular gender. Be it clothing, accessories or bags – a distinctive voice is important to men as much as to women. One of the most popular additions to men’s fashion items is a bag. Even though the trend of carrying bags is old, the range and new styles in bags are the latest attractions. Whether for utility or the desire to make a fashion statement, the right bag for the right occasion can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the most popular types of bags for men that they should own:
1. Backpacks
A backpack is one of the most important types of bags for men. It is made with different materials and sometimes reinforced with mesh and padding. Backpacks look like a cloth sack with two straps that go over the shoulders and offers utility while enhancing the style quotient. However, there is no definite shape of a backpack. There are many variations of a backpack design. One thing that remains common across all backpacks is their ability to support heavy luggage. Its ability and ease to carry weight make it a great choice for day trips or weekend gateways. Backpacks are ideal for hikers, trekkers, students, etc. 2. Duffle bags
Also, popularly known as weekenders, duffle bags have become a travel staple now. These bags are cylindrical and made of cloth or any other fabric with a top closure. You can use a duffle bag as sports bag or pack clothes in this bag for a short trip or weekend gateway. Duffle bags can also be used for a simple pool or gym visit. Duffle bags are also popular amongst army personnel. Even though these bags have always been around, they have recently gained popularity again. Take a duffle bag with a business suit or casual attire; it goes with everything. 3. Laptop bags
Undoubtedly, anyone who owns a laptop will agree on how crucial a laptop bag is. A laptop stores work and sensitive data. Hence, it is important that it should be kept handy but also secure. A good laptop bag protects the device from wear and tear and helps carry the device safely. Laptops bags are available in the form of backpacks, messenger bags and pouches. Generally, a laptop bag comes with multiple compartments that can be used to keep the laptop accessories. Documents, snack boxes, water bottle, etc. can also be carried in different compartments of the bag. 4. Luggage bags
A good luggage bag is a crucial need of a frequent traveller. Irrespective of how short the visit is, a good luggage bag is essential. Furthermore, gone are the days when people would travel with a boring suitcase or a trolley bag. Now, with new and attractive prints, luggage bags have become a highlight of travels. There is a reason all those pictures on Instagram have a luggage bag photo. Whether it is branded, with an innovative pattern, quirky print, fresh colours or funky styles, luggage bags are a must-have in everybody’s collection. 5. Rucksack
No guide of popular bags for men would be complete without the mention of a rucksack. Rucksacks are structured to distribute the weight evenly across the body, allowing the user to go hands free. Rucksacks can be an everyday bag, or could be used for a short trip or hike for a minimalist traveller. When travelling, bedding, food, camping equipment, and more can be carried in the rucksack. They are generally waterproof and come with several item-specific sections. 6. Messenger bags
Also known as courier bags because of their appearance, messenger bags have become a rage among youngsters today. Apart from being highly functional, messenger bags also look extremely stylish. They are also spacious enough for everyday use. Documents, wallet, phone, etc., can be stored in a messenger bag. These bags are one-shoulder bags, and add a youthful vibe to the personality of the wearer when going for a laid-back or casual meeting. 7. Toiletry bags
Toiletries are an integral part of overall grooming. Be it work or vacation, people need everyday essentials to look their best. Toiletry kits are compact yet spacious and carefully designed for convenience. These bags pack and secure all the grooming essentials. There are designated compartments or small sections in the bag that can store each item carefully instead of getting mixed up together. Often such bags are waterproof and safe for carrying liquids. Toiletry bags are also easy to clean and maintain. Choose your bag type from Wildcraft
Whether a comfortable backpack, a durable duffle bag, a stylish rucksack, a statement messenger bag, a spacious luggage bag, a strong laptop bag or a convenient toiletry bag – Wildcraft has a bag for all kinds of bag needs. Check out the exclusive wide range of bags from Wildcraft and get an edge over others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of bags are in style?

Here are some must-haves for your bag wardrobe:

i) The classic sling bag that works in both casual and professional events and is not a hassle to carry around.

ii) The tote bag that’s large with a single compartment and is made of canvas fabric that allows it to hold a lot of essentials.

iii) The backpack that’s the most versatile option – It comes with a good organization system for storage, padding for comfortable carrying and can be used for multiple purposes.

What is the most popular bag?

Every season, new bag styles make it to the market. Currently, you can see a lot more of the small slings and clutches that are easy to carry, and backpacks that are the most functional of them all. Men have been sporting the fanny pack!

What type of bags are for men?

Men generally carry briefcases or messenger bags that can hold laptops to work, and duffle bags and travel cases for trips.

What are the men’s side bags called?

The messenger bags are super functional and urbane. They’re used to fit in your phone, wallet, accessories and even gadgets. They can be used at work and for casual purposes.