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Wildcraft Hypashield Hz10K Reusable Hazmat Suit

Meticulously engineered with a 2-layered material, HYPA SHIELD Hz10k (Hazmat suit) is a reusable personal protection gear for medical professionals working in hazardous and contaminated environments.

Use Cases

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Hypashield Technology

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2 layer protection

Wildcraft’s Hypashield technology offers a 2 layer protection. The outer layer is made up of Nylon Laminated Fabric, which offers enhanced strength & protection. Nylon has high tensile and flexural strength which results in a material that is wear, chemical & thermal resistant. The inner layer is made up of a PVER Lamination Coating, which performs the function of waterproofing.
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Taped Seams Protection

A taped seam is one where the two edges of the fabric are sewn together, and a protective tape is then applied over the seam. The tape is selected to have similar chemical resistance as the fabric of HYPA SHIELD Hz10k. The tape completely covers the seam to provide the highest level of leak resistance. The tape also makes the seam physically stronger.


• Nylon laminated fabric for better strength & protection

• Tunneled elasticated face, wrist cuffs and ankles for better snug fit protection to reduce risk of contamination

• All seams are stitched and taped over to provide fabric-level barrier protection. This suit is Reusable and Washable

• Hood shape and elastic around it are designed for a sealed fit around full-face respirator, masks, face shields etc

• Non-porous material and design offer protection from blood penetration

• Elasticated thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up

• Zipper with sealable storm flap for convenience and to help provide additional protection

• Ergonomically designed to aid free body movement
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Wearing Instructions

1. Unpack the suit, study the user instructions and make sure you understand all the instructions before you use the suit

2. Unfold the suit carefully and check the suit for any defects and replace if damaged. Remove footwear, bulky clothing, jewellery and anything else that may interfere with your PPG

3. Carefully insert your leg into the suit by pointing your foot and guide it through the ankle opening. Repeat with the other leg and then pull the suit up over your waist. Carefully insert your arms into the sleeves, guiding your hands through the cuff openings

4. Roll up the legs of the suit and put on your footwear, then roll the legs of the suit back down to fully cover the lower leg and ankle. After putting on footwear, put on protective shoe covers

5. Now put on your other PPG ensuring that you fit them correctly. Check tight fitting facepieces and goggles for a good seal to the face and never wear them over the hood of the suit PPG

6. Pull the hood over the head, covering the skin. Slowly pull the zip from bottom to the chin level. Slowly close the storm flap with Velcro properly without leaving any gaps

7. For work involving the handling of liquids below shoulder height, wear the suit’s sleeve over the glove cuff. For similar work above shoulder height, wear the gloves under the sleeve

Removal Instructions

1. Remove as much contamination from your HYPASHIELD H 10k and other PPG as possible by washing and wiping or fixing them in place

2. Where possible, use a buddy system so you can easily remove your suit without contaminating your skin and clothes. Please note your buddy should be adequately protected from contamination

3. If the product you are wearing has sealed or taped storm flaps and chin flaps, carefully un-stick them

4. If wearing gloves under the suit’s cuffs; untape the wrists and starting from the hood, pull the suit down and step out of it. Ensure the gloves do not touch the inside of the suit or your body. If wearing gloves over the suit’s cuffs; ensure your hands only touch the internal surfaces of the suit by removing the top part of the body and arms by rolling it down and inverting the sleeves. Carefully withdraw your hands from the gloves as you invert the sleeves and continue to roll down the suit and step out

5. Remove your gloves according to the manufacturer’s instructions and remove other PPG such as hearing protection, eyewear and respirator, as instructed

6. After every use, decontaminate the suit. Place the suit in a plastic bag, ziplock bag or breathable container like paper bags, after completion of drying. Secure the bag tightly

7.Place the suit in a plastic bag or ziplock bag. Secure the bag tightly and place it into a garbage can or biomedical waste disposal unit. Properly wash your hands after you remove or dispose the suit

Sterilization and Care

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Precautions and Warning

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