All Activity Ready – All Day Long!

Our everyday exploration demands us to be active. Be it trek, travel, work or run, we are on constant move. On the move, all of us sweat. Sweating is biological and helps us maintain our optimum body temperature. But all day sweating also produces bacteria and odour on our skin.

Wildcraft’s anti-microbial & anti-odour technology is engineered beyond comfort and provides all day freshness, making us All Activity Ready, All Day Long, and equipping us to be Ready for Anything!

The Collection – Inspired by elements of nature

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The Wildcraft Fabric Story

Proudly made in India, we’ve taken forward our outdoor expertise and legacy to design contemporary innerwear with state-of-the-art technological engineering, to keep you all day active, all day long for your routine and outdoor pursuits.


The process of combing the cotton fabric gets rid of shorter ibres and impurities making it compact, iner and stronger.

Combing once makes it 'Combed Cotton' and twice makes it 'Super Combed Cotton'.


Elastane is a synthetic ibre with exceptional elasticity (stretch). Blending this ibre with cotton makes the fabric stretch and revert to its original form (very similar to a rubber band). This provides the product with grip to hold on to the body while remaining extremely comfortable.


Modal is a premium cellulosic ibre made out of beech tree. Modal ibre is strong, resilient, and has minimal shrinkage.

It keeps colour bright and has silky hand feel. Micro Modal is iner form of Modal.


Tencel is a premium, eco-friendly fabric developed from wood pulp. The fabric is lightweight, moisture absorbent, silky feel and has a natural anti-bacterial properties.

Take good care of your innerwear.