5 Reasons A Good Tracksuit Must Be Included In Your Outdoor Gear

Who said workout clothing for men can’t be cool?! Tracksuits are truly having their moment now and we can’t be surprised. A popular choice among athletes, tracksuits have been on the radar for a while now, and let’s be honest, they make for a multi-purpose outfit that every outdoor enthusiast deserves!

Let’s take you through the ‘why’ of tracksuits being the most accepted loungewear in today’s times and some of the best tracksuits for men.

What Exactly Is A Men’s Tracksuit?
A Tracksuit, by virtue of its name, is essentially a warm two-piece outfit consisting of a trouser or a track pant, and a jacket/hoodie with a front zipper or sans it. Originally designed for sports and workouts, tracksuits have gained incredible popularity for their comfort level and are now part of most people’s travel repertoire, soaring beyond just the tracks and onto the streets.

What makes them so sought-after?
Here’s how tracksuits can add that urban edge. There are about five reasons, in particular.

1. Moves The Way You Move
- The ability of tracksuits to enhance mobility can’t obviously go unnoticed. Typically, you’d wear a tracksuit for a performance activity. So, they’re made of materials that allow a full range of motion, without lingering on your body. Being able to move your body freely keeps you engaged and enables more comfortable body movement, which leads to improved overall performance.

2. Burns Your Calories, Boosts Your Energy
- We swear this isn’t a hoax! Although tracksuits don’t explicitly burn more calories, they have the ability to increase your body temperature and this excessive heat exerts more energy. Also, unlike the conventional tracksuits made of synthetic materials, the modern ones are made of nylon and polyester material that ensures comfort while it warms up your body to improve efficiency.

3. Protects You From Environmental Dangers
- Did you know? A study showed that 3.56L deaths worldwide in 2019 were linked to extreme heat. Here’s where the versatility of a tracksuit comes into play. Wearing a tracksuit when you head out can prevent prolonged exposure to excessive heat and reduce the amount of UV your skin takes in to keep your body from overheating.

4. Drives Away Moisture, Brings In The Cool Air
- Clearly, the benefits didn’t end there. Ideally, when training or working out, you would require apparel with fabric that wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and cool. Tracksuits do just that.

We all know that sweat can cause irritation and is downright unpleasant. Tracksuits are made from fabrics that are breathable and allow a free flow of air around the skin.

5. Versatility, An Extra String To A Player’s Bow
- - A tracksuit doesn’t just gloss over performance benefits. It’s a well-put-together coordinated set on its own, fits well, and makes you feel and look good with minimal effort. It’s basically a lifesaver, especially on those days when finding a matching tee or tracks from your capsule wardrobe is gruelling.

Pro Tip: When the weather out there isn’t too chilly, you can always bring a tracksuit to use just by replacing the jacket with a t-shirt. Or vice versa! Switch the pants to shorts or cargos for an uber-cool look.

Of course, everybody has their own preferences and personal needs, but this can be your cue to upgrade your comfort wear closet with tracksuits that make a visible difference