Women’s Sweaters To Take You Through This Winter + Styling Tips

It’s all about keeping it warm in what makes you look cool.
What La Nina has in store for us this winter ‘21 requires us to prep for the transition to colder days, harsh winds, and lots of brew dates! Clearly, your closet needs a refurb. We're talking about clothing lined in warm, cozy fabrics that lend themselves to strategic layering.

Read on for some inspiration.

-------- The Sweater Weather
There are several different kinds of layering garments that you can rely on to provide extra warmth during the cold season. One of the most common and charming ones is a sweater. Sweaters were traditionally made from wool, owing to its unparalleled warmth. Now, they’re made from a range of materials; cashmere, cotton, or even synthetics like acrylic, especially for durability.

The best thing about the winter season (aside from the delicious cuppa hot chocolate) is the chic sweaters that make the dreary days seem better. And look better.

Here are some different types of sweaters that you can put to work on a gloomy day.

1. The Classic Crewneck Sweater
This can never be a fashion faux pas! This fitted sweater comes with a round collar and a bulky edge whose versatility is essential to any Indian wardrobe. Technically, it can be worn comfortably even during the pre-summer season.

You can either dress it up with a puffer jacket or, if you’re wearing a stylish top and it gets super chilly, you can always just put it on when you want. And this is why it's called a pullover!

2. The V-Neck Sweater
With a V-neckline, this sweater can give you the perfect dose of function and fashion for when the temps go low and this is why they reign supreme in this area. The fabric lightly hugs the body and the framing gives a sharp look, and the sleeves generally end where the wrists bend.

Women, take notes. The ideal way to wear a V-neck sweater is over a ribbed vest or a dressy shirt and roughly tucked into your jeans.

3. The Turtleneck Sweater
While turtleneck sweaters sometimes get a bad rap for being too tight on the neck and felt like a soul-crushing choice back in the school days, there’s definitely something about them now that makes one’s outfit look flattering instantly. Well, Audrey Hepburn made it iconic, so we can’t disagree!

The best thing about turtlenecks is that they can traverse any category of clothing. Pair with a formal trouser and a blazer, or just wear it under a casual t-shirt or a jumpsuit, you’re still good to go.

4. The Cardigan Comeback
In the simplest terms, cardigans are sweater-material shrugs that were insanely popular a few years ago. This year, we’ve seen it make its way back into a lot of winter wardrobes! If it’s not too cold and you’re in no mood to wear a full sweater or a jacket, cardigans are exactly what you need to keep you sufficiently warm and looking sophisticated as well.

They can be open cardigans, zippered or buttoned, or even cardigan vests for the not-so-chilly days. And they all go with absolutely anything you wear underneath.

5. The Full-Of-Style Half-Zip Sweater
Half-zip sweaters are the new-in and we’re all for it! They’ve been the most underrated styles that elevate any outfit. If you would like to mix elegant and sporty, this is the one for you. You can wear it to the gym, over a t-shirt and your workout leggings. For a classy look, a turtleneck sweater and a printed skirt layered with a fleece half-zip sweater will surely make a statement.

There’s clearly an innate sense of style that’s added to any winter closet through these sweaters and sweatshirts. Now we’ve helped you with some ideas on how to wear your favourite winter staples, you can find some of them here -