Five Types of Luggage Bags – Luggage Buying Guide

Introduction: Luggage Types
We all love travelling. However, there’s nothing worse than lugging around a heavy suitcase on every trip you take, and that doesn’t mean you need to pack less either. With the innovation in luggage, right from a dark colour palette to a more vibrant one, with aesthetic designs, graphic prints, and a sleek build, there is also an evolution in practicality and convenience - You will find enhanced digital organization systems for those official trips, expandable storage to bring back extra from that vacation, or a suitcase that does it all, for when you need to transition to an off-beat destination.
We’ve put together a guide to 5 types of luggage bags that you need to have for the different adventures you embark upon! Different Types of Luggage Bags
Read on to know the different types of luggage bags
so you can choose the perfect travel companion for yourself.
1. Trolleys
A. Soft Trolleys
B. Hard Trolleys
C. Hybrid Trolleys
D. Duffle Trolleys
2. Duffle Bags
3. Backpacks
The most obvious pro of travelling with wheeled suitcases is their easy navigation.
Soft Trolleys
– Softside luggage is known for its flexibility due to the soft material it is made up of, which allows you to organize your belongings well. If you’re an over-packer or need to stash some items last minute without having to reopen the entire suitcase, a soft trolley comes with exterior compartments, unlike hard trolleys, making your travel experience all the more seamless. These luggage bags can be made of nylon, polyester, and melange making them lightweight, but are generally not waterproof or stain-proof.
Advantages: • Exterior & Interior Compartments
• Lightweight
• Abrasion Resistant
• Not Waterproof
• Not Stain-Proof • Hard Trolley
– Hard trolleys, on the other hand, are constructed out of a super durable and waterproof shell that can protect your luggage content even during a downpour!
They are usually made of a polycarbonate composite material that makes them lightweight, and although we can’t say that hard trolleys are entirely scratch-resistant, the marks tend to blend into the colour of the suitcase. The best part is, you never have to worry about them getting dirty. Even if they do, they are extremely easy to clean.
• Interior Compartments Only
• Waterproof
• Dirt-Proof
• Durable
• Not Scratch-Proof
• Relatively Heavy
Hybrid Trolleys
– An invention that not most companies have picked up, hybrid trolleys can end your packing woes. These luggage bags are built with a hard exterior shell and a soft side structure on the front with compartments for you to organize your last-minute items; a travelcase that’s as smart as you are! Hybrid trolleys offer maximum capacity thanks to their expandability along with the durability of the resilient build.
• Exterior & Interior Compartments
• Durable Yet Flexible
• Not Lightweight Duffle Trolleys
- Get on the move easier with a wheeled duffle! For frequent travellers, there is a lot to be said about the convenience of a carry-on duffle trolley that can accommodate all your gear in one bag.
The best option for weekend trips, they also make for the ideal carry-on luggage and are here to save you from sore shoulders. Duffle trolleys most often come with the promise of durability and abrasion resistance. Duffle Bags
Duffle bags have been used as overnighters for several years, and they continue to be the ideal choice to carry smaller belongings and footwear when travelling. They can easily fit into the overhead bin, or even under the seat, and come in a variety of vibrant colours, prints, and fabrics too.
They generally have durable zippers and adjustable straps and don’t get bulky if you pack right. For adventurers who explore off-beaten trails, unpaved paths, and steep ascents, a duffle bag is the most reliable luggage bag.
Wildcraft’s unique duffle bags can be compressed to the size of a Frisbee when you don’t require them, are self-packable, or convertible into a backpack! Advantages:
• Affordable
• Colour, Print, Size & Fabric Options
• Relatively Difficult to Manoeuvre Backpacks
Travel packs make for great luggage bags when you’re on uneven terrains and always on-the-go, and are even easier to haul around than duffle bags, owing to their padded back straps. Explorers who like to get through the airport faster rely on carry-on backpacks for the same. They are often made with polyester or nylon to be light, waterproof, sturdy, and even stain-resistant and offer multiple storage compartments. How to Choose the Best Luggage Bags
The choice of the size of luggage and the type of bag that you want to take depends on the destination, duration, and travel itinerary.
Here are some things to consider to help you decide how to choose the best luggage bags for yourself:
1. Size
– It’s always best to take a slightly bigger bag than you need for unforeseen circumstances that might require you to pack last-minute items.
If you’re going on a weekend getaway, a duffle trolley might just suffice, an adventure trip requires a good capacity rucksack, while a wedding trip would mean you’d have to carry a large trolley. However, make sure that any bag you buy has a good organization system. 2. Durability
– Everybody wants luggage that makes them look great, but how reliable are they in terms of performance?
Irrespective of the terrain, your bag must be chosen such that it can take a beating. It should have sturdy zippers, rough handles, smooth wheels, and preferably be waterproof and abrasion resistant. 3. Look for Specific Features
– While the size of the bag and its longevity are generic, but important aspects to consider, every traveller is different and so are his needs.
For instance: if you’re going on a business trip, you would require a gadget compartment, if you’re going on a trek, you may want a self-packable back that you can take out only when really required. This guide should keep you #ReadyForAnything! FAQs 1. What are the types of baggage?
There are two types of baggage: Check-in and carry-on. A piece of check-in baggage is bigger in size, heavier and requires to be stored in an inaccessible section of the flight. Carry-on baggage is smaller and can be carried by the passenger itself throughout the flight.
2. What are the 3 sizes of luggage bags?
There are generally 3 sizes of luggage bags: Small with a height of up to 60 cm, medium with a height of around 60 to 70 cm, and large with a height of more than 70 cm.
3. What type of luggage is best?
The ideal luggage depends on the type of trip and its duration. Wildcraft has innovative luggage options – from soft, hard, hybrid trolleys, to duffle trolleys and even convertible duffles and backpacks.
4. What is the difference between luggage and baggage?
Luggage generally means empty suitcases or bags and baggage refers to bags and suitcases with their contents/belongings.