Summer Outfits For Women To Breeze Through The Season!

A new season calls for a new wardrobe. Everybody is ready to offset the pandemic blues with bright hues, ready to step out with confidence!
From floral prints to vibrant, arbitrary patterns on light, airy fabric, you’ll be relieved to know that there can never be a shortage of summer outfit options to choose from, for any kind of exploration.
To help you, we’ve broken down 6 fashionable ideas into simple, and re-creatable formulas.

1. The T-Shirt Dress

The easiest of them all; if you’re having a hard time finding the right dress, you can even pick out an oversized tee with your favourite graphic print. This adds some subtle charm to your look and you can make it even more fun by wearing a fanny pack or a cross-body bag, a bucket hat, and high-ankle converse shoes.
Being super relaxed, yet slightly tailored for the perfect fit, this silhouette can be worn for short hikes, walks, a casual day out, and even when you’re lounging at home.
It’s surely #AsVersatileAsYou.


2. The White Dress

A staple white dress is like the unofficial summer uniform. Irrespective of the temperature and whether it’s a long maxi dress or a short, shirt dress, they can keep you ultra-comfortable and the best part is, you can style them the way you want. Pair it with some funky jewellery, or keep it classy with statement earrings and sunglasses.
So easy, so chic. This is the dream holiday outfit! 


3. The Printed Jumpsuit

If you’re planning on going for a brunch, or just a fun day out, here’s the ideal outfit; a floral print utilitarian suit! You can even take it along for a dinner and if it gets a little chilly, throw on a denim jacket. With jumpsuits, there is always an array of different prints and patterns, subdued, powdery hues and vibrant colours that you can pick according to your need and seamlessly transition from a party to office in them.


4. The Crop Top

The summer staple; a crop top that can be worn in a multitude of ways – with a pair of shorts, a retro skirt, jeans or even over trousers! They’re timeless and can easily elevate your look. Here are some of the best ways to style them:
a) A basic cropped tee with high-waist jeans and sports shoes
b) A spaghetti crop top with a flared skirt and heels
c) A printed set of crop top and trouser that go together like summer and ice cream!

5. The Shorts & Sneakers Outfit

With the last two years being all about comfort and feeling homely, the popular outdoor summer outfit is now a revamped version of loungewear - a graphic tee over cycling shorts and sneakers. Sport this athleisure outfit on a run, a walk, or just a day out grocery shopping.


6. The Paperbag Denim Shorts

Another popular, chic summer outfit; a solid white muscle T-shirt over high-waist denim shorts. Accessorize it with a simple gold chain and white shoes.


7. The Co-Ord Set

The new-in; these are outfits you will surely need to bookmark for the season! One of the most frantic things about picking out your clothes in the morning is thinking about how to complete your outfit. With coordinated clothing, you don’t need to waste time since they’re low on effort. Just pair it with your favourite accessories and get going.
Another interesting thing about this type of outfit, is that it can be ethnic, loungewear or even a little dressy for casual occasions.


8. The Season To Indulge In Shoes

Summer calls for vacations, hikes, explorations and a lot more, for which you’d need to be extra considerate to your feet. When it comes to choosing a timeless, versatile shoe for the season, nude-hued sports footwear are a no-brainer.
If you’re more of a classic colour-efficient performance person, Wildcraft’s Comet is an ideal outdoor shoe. With the right features for urban landscapes, this lightweight pair is engineered with enhanced cushioning and superior grip for ultra-comfort and breathable mesh construction to drive away the bad odour and allow cool air in.
The perfect formula for a summer shoe.
Apart from shoes, if you’re going on a road trip or just a walk by the beach, the open, two-strap sandals have made it to the mainstream style path, bringing comfort and practicality.
Or, the logo slides that have adjustable straps and are made from a waterproof, rubber-like material that offers shock absorption and cushioning to your feet.


9. Loungewear

While the temperatures may be rising, some people love going low-key on their outfits. Especially when they’re working remotely and plan to just stay under air conditioning the whole time.
These wardrobes are generally infused with the athleisure aesthetic; pastel, muted tones and soft textured fabrics, mostly coordinated sets of track pants and T-shirts.
The Effortless Sweatsuit – The appeal of light-hued, matching T-shirt and biker shorts or wide legged trousers, made of super soft jersey material, is a global favourite now. All you have to do is wear a pair of slides on your feet and lounge away.
PS: The tie-dye set is trending now and looks like it’s here to stay, for a while. This could be a T-shirt and shorts or track pants.
Say hello to the bright side with outfits that help you explore the wild.

Be #ReadyForAnything!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the fashion for summer 2022?

2022 is well underway, and these are the anticipated trends for this summer season.

Co-ord Sets – When you’ve got a matching top and pant, you don’t have to waste time on wondering how to pair either of them!

Polo T-shirt – The basic polo can go a long way when worn with shorts or loose pants.

Graphic Print Tees – Graphics give summer staples a new twist.


What clothes do you wear in summer?

It is preferable to wear cotton or linen clothes in summer, and mostly light coloured, pastel shades.

A T-shirt and shorts, or thin material track pants would be ideal for when you’re heading out. Or to keep it a little dressy, a classic linen shirt.


How do women dress casual in summer?

Here are some casual outfit ideas for women: A simple white T-shirt paired with a floral skirt, an oversized T-shirt dress, tank top and shorts, and all of them with white sneakers, cuz those go with anything!


How can I look classy in summer?

A summer outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be a T-shirt and tracks. You can go with a bright coloured shirt and printed pants, or a tennis skirt and crop top.

As for men, a graphic T-shirt and pants can still look classy when you wear a blazer over it, or a tie dye shirt and khaki trousers.  


What can I wear in summer instead of shorts?

If you’re stepping out and want to dress a little more than just shorts and a T-shirt, you can go with olive or mint-hued trousers and a linen shirt.

For women, the most comfortable outfit in the summer is generally a dress or a midi skirt with a tank top or crop top.