Solo Trips For Women In India


Solo travelling – This shouldn’t give you jitters anymore! Being independent, free to explore every nook and corner of culture-rich towns and hustling cities all over the country is a dream and one you should definitely fulfil.
While India has been regarded as an ‘unsafe’ place for women to travel alone, there are now several destinations that are easily accessible and safe to take those solo trips.

5 Best Places For Solo Women Travellers

Here are some travel destinations in the country that will definitely quench your thirst for adventure, exploration and serenity.
I. Pondicherry/Puducherry
II. Varkala, Kerala
III. Hampi, Karnataka
IV. Gangtok, Sikkim
V. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Pondicherry – The French Colony

A city full of clean sandy, crystal blue water beaches, colourful streets, quaint cafés, and European architecture, Pondicherry is a whole mood on its own. Located in the Southern region of India, this vibrant city is so uniquely rich in the charm of colonial times.
Pondicherry has a relatively warm climate throughout the year, with the temperature staying mostly above 18℃, and is ideal for water sports. The best time to visit would be September to February, since March to June witnesses extreme temperatures of around 41℃.
There honestly couldn’t be a better place to energize the body, mind and soul after three years of quarantine.
There are budget-friendly hotels very close to the airport that feature good amenities and spacious rooms with elegant, rustic style décor – Hotel Du Palais, Cours Chabrol, Le Mirage.
The city operates local bus tours that cover major attractions in the city at approximately INR 500. There are also auto rickshaws, but they’re relatively expensive. The ideal, more economical option if you’re travelling solo would be to take a car or bike on hire.
While there are tons of tourist sites in the city, we’ll name the best few that you can get started with.
La Maison Rose, with old French colonial architecture, has been converted into three boutique shops where you can find souvenirs, jewellery and clothes.
Eglise De Notre Dame is one of the oldest churches in White Town from where you can see the immaculate waters of the Bay of Bengal.
The Rock Beach is a beautiful 1.5km stretch water body and is close to the most quirky streets and cafés in the city, you can even hire a bicycle and ride along as you tour it. Another popular, clean beach is the Plage Paradiso Beach which is accessible by a fun boat ride.
One of the most famous places in Pondicherry – Auroville. A town which symbolizes harmony, this place has a beautiful Matrimandir.

Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is a beautiful coastal town in Kerala flaunting one of the best cliff beaches, forts, pilgrimage sites, springs, natural fisheries and more.
Varkala has a tropical climate, so there are mostly hot and humid summers, heavy rain falls in monsoons and a pleasant winter season. The best time to visit would be September to February, when the temperature ranges from 12°C to 29°C.
Auto rickshaws are a common, hassle-free mode of transport within the town, so you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination.
A popular beach along the Arabian Sea, the Varkala Beach is also referred to as Papanasham Beach. The word ‘papanasham’ means destroyer of sins so Hindu tourists take a dip here to wash away their sins.
The Anjengo Lighthouse is a 40m high tower about 13km from the Varkala Beach, built by the British over a century ago. It has 11 floors, but the climb is worth it. You get to see an incredible view of the sea with palm trees by the side.
One of the most serene places in the country, is the picturesque Kappil Pozhi Lake. Surrounded by coconut trees, it also has a bridge for a breath-taking view of the water striding toward the blue horizon. Those who are more adventurous can go boating to enjoy the beauty of this lake.
If you are spontaneous and love trying out something new, you can take surfing lessons at the Soul & Surf and head out to take on the waves on your own! They also organize sunset yoga sessions with a cocktail bar by the Varkala Cliff where you can socialize and meet new people.

Hampi, Karnataka

If you are a photography enthusiast or love spiritual attractions, this is a must-visit place for you.
Hampi, located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the state of Karnataka, is a small yet charming temple town surrounded by the interesting historical ruins of Vijayanagara. With a plethora of tourist attractions in Hampi, looking at the splendid boulders, monoliths, and remains of old edifices is a traveller's joy and is hence regarded as one of the greatest locations to visit in Karnataka.
The months of October to March are ideal for visiting Hampi, Karnataka, due to the mild, pleasant weather conditions which are otherwise brutal in the summer.
There are no local buses here, so you can commute via autorickshaws or hire a car/bike.
The Vijaya Vittala Temple is a 15th-century structure that is also considered the largest of all historical structures in Hampi, it is dedicated to Lord Vittala and has an extraordinary stone chariot, arrays of huge pillars in the temple halls, and intricate sculptures.
The Queen's Bath was the regal bathing chamber for the monarchs and their spouses, and it exemplifies their opulent lifestyle. You can see the architectural magnificence of Vijayanagara.
Lotus Mahal is known for its excellent Indo-Islamic architecture and features a lotus-shaped construction and 24 majestic pillars. The design of this castle captures the attention of people from all over the world. Lotus Mahal's centre dome is shaped like a lotus bud, while the corridors are shaped like lotus petals.

Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok is one of India's most stunning hill stations. This little Himalayan hamlet boasts a plethora of attractions both within and outside of it. You will feel as though you are in a different place once you arrive. The city is neat and tidy, and it is as calm and lovely as your heart desires. Sikkim's capital, with all of its beauty and charm, will make you fall in love with it.
The best time to visit is October to March, when it’s around 10°C to 26°C and the weather is delightful.
Getting around in Gangtok is pretty same. There are both private and shared taxis, you can even get your hotel to arrange a tour package. To travel from Gangtok to other parts of Sikkim, you can either book a car or go with a shared sumo/jeep.
The M G Marg is the heart of Gangtok with less crowded streets, no vehicles and several shops and food joints. This open mall or boulevard square is the best shopping destination for tourists.
Just about 20km from the city is Rumtek Monastery, belonging to the Kagyu sect that originated in the 12th century in Tibet. There also other monasteries, like the Enchey Monastery, Lingdum or Ranka Monastery
Tashi viewpoint, 8km from Gangtok, is another stunning location where you can watch the sunrise from the snow-capped mountains.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, also known as the Venice of The East for its sparkling lakes, has been ranked as the most beautiful city in the world. Home to some of the world’s most grandeur palaces, ancient picturesque buildings, this city also a fun nightlife and shopping destinations to offer.
The best time to visit Udaipur is between the months of September and March. The weather is gentle and is generally around 20℃.
People generally travel on tongas or auto-rickshaws here since they are readily available and turn out to be super economical.
The City Palace is Rajasthan's largest palace built along the banks of Lake Pichola with an extravagant courtyard and gardens.
The Monsoon Palace, or Sajjangarh Palace, is located at Bansdara Mountain and is the best place to view the Udaipur skyline during sunset.
There’s also Bagore ki Haveli which has more than 100 rooms with intricate mirror work and wall art in its museum. The famous Dharohar Dance Show is held here every evening.

Since we suggest that you visit most of these places in the winter or early spring season, you’d also have to be prepared with the right clothing and gear.
Especially for a place like Gangtok, you’d need light quilted jackets or fleece jackets to keep you warm. Make sure to carry UV-protective clothing if you’re heading out in the peak summer season and travelling calls for comfortable shoes, so pick shoes that are also suitable for hiking or short treks that you may undertake there,
Here are some products that can help you be embrace the uncertain and tackle anything that comes your way:
Reversible jacket 
Anti-UV t-shirt 
Trekking boots 
Walking sandals 
Duffle bag
You are now #ReadyForAnything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can a girl go on solo trip?

It has now become common for girls to travel solo. If it’s your first time, it is advisable to travel with an organized travel group first and then take it up alone. 

Where can girls go on a solo trip?

Here are some places safe for a girl to travel to solo: Nainital, Mysore, Shimla, Udaipur, Pondicherry, Sikkim, and Kaziranga. 

Is it weird to vacation alone?

No, it is not weird at all to travel alone. Solo trips can make you feel independent, free, and is like an act of confidence. 

How can a woman travel safely?

Make sure to pick a safe destination, keep your valuables safely in transit, always explain your itinerary to your friends or family, and try to steer clear of isolated locations that could put you at risk.