Working Remotely - Must have Gear, Gadget and Backpack Recommendations

The transition to remote working has been a little hard on people, primarily because they lack the right infrastructure and gear at home. Setting up an office in your bedroom or living room can seem tough, but it is not entirely impossible. Picking out the right work gear can offer you comfort, relaxation, and motivation to work better and achieve more. Moreover, since remote working is the new normal and the touted future of the world, investing in some must-have gear can be a great idea! Read on to know more.

What Work from Home Equipment do you need?

Here are some work from home equipment options you would need:

1. Daily Go Backpacks:


Source: Backpack with 35L Capacity

Finding the right backpack that accommodates all your stuff is extremely important for a work from home employee. The lack of enough space to carry and store your office supplies can cause confusion. Misplaced pen drives, mousepads, laptop cords, notepads, etc., can delay your day and cause you to miss critical work deadlines.
But investing in a good laptop backpack can help you keep all your things in one place. You can choose a laptop bag in a colour of your choice and use it to store your laptop, mouse, keyboard, headphones, diaries, pens, pen drives, and more. This will help you save up on space and ensure that you do not misplace or lose essential items.

2. Desk Set Up:

Setting up your desk is crucial to boost productivity. Most psychologists recommend keeping your personal and office space separate when working from home. Sitting in bed while you make a presentation can seem relaxing at first. But it can cause distractions and affect your work in the long run.
It helps to have a designated space in your house where you can work without noise and disturbances. Set up a desk with a laptop stand can ensure better posture. You can also invest in a standing desk.

3. Laptop & Accessories:

This is by far the most vital tool for a remote worker. Having a good laptop is a must to deliver good performance. There are several options in the market that offer great features in every price range. Make sure to research thoroughly and then pick a laptop that is ideal for your work. Keep in mind that the nature of your employment can play a crucial role here.
People who use heavy software programs may require more sophisticated technology as compared to those who work on general emails and MS Office applications. You can consult an expert or your employer before you buy a laptop to make sure you purchase the right work from home equipment.

4. Music Gears:

Many studies show that music can enhance productivity as well as cognitive performance. This is also the reason why a lot of office spaces play light music in the background. This relaxes the employees and allows them to enjoy their time at work.
Working from home can be a bit stressful and lonely, and music gears like earphones, headphones, AirPods, etc., can be your remote working companions. You can also buy speakers and play light music in the background to keep things light and fun.

5. Comfortable Clothing:

Source: Men's Crew T-Shirt

Last but not the least, comfortable clothing is another work from home essential you cannot do without. The way you dress impacts the way you feel. Therefore it is important to dress well even when you work from home.
Formal shirts and pants can be a bit uncomfortable, especially when you are at home. On the other hand, sitting in your night suit can seem unprofessional and boring. But you can strike a balance with a nice t-shirt. Round neck or collared t-shirts worn with a nice skirt or pants are comfortable as well as professional.
For summers, you can opt for shorts with a nice shirt. You can also wear khaki trousers. These add practicality as well as comfort. Wearing a face mask is also essential, given the fact that you are working from home due to a pandemic. Make sure to put it on if you step out for a break or happen to socialize with friends or colleagues occasionally.

To sum it up, the right work from home equipment like fashionable yet comfortable clothing, a well set up desk, a fast and efficient laptop, etc., can ensure that you deliver your best at work. They enable you to concentrate and focus better. They also improve your mood and posture and help you stay happy and active throughout the day. So, make sure to get suitable products for your home office at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by working remotely?

Remote work is a flexible work arrangement that allows the company’s employees to perform their jobs from a location other than a traditional office environment. This could be “work from home”, or at a café, or a different city.

What should I wear to work remotely?

If you’re not someone who receives regular video calls at work, your outfit need not be formal. To make it look presentable, you can sport a comfortable yet polished T-shirt or Polo and trousers.

Should you dress up for remote work?

You don’t HAVE to dress up when you’re not working in office. Having said that, to get on to video call meetings, it is recommended that you wear a classic Polo T-shirt or a linen shirt over relaxed-fit trousers or shorts. Obviously, the way you dress impacts how you actually feel.