Rainy Season Clothes: Best Monsoon Clothing 2022

Nasty stormy clouds whirl overhead, the grey drizzles cover the bright blue skies as you head up the forested hills, pushing yourself against the biting winds. Now, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from adventure, it’s that no matter where you are and what season it is, you should be prepared for every possibility, so never step out without some good quality rain gear and monsoon clothing.
That being said, the season of freshness, flowers, and breezes is here too, so here is a guide to rainy season clothes that you can effortlessly follow this year embrace it all!

Rainy Season Clothes For Men

With monsoon comes the humidity, stickiness, and mud splashes. You should be wearing clothes that are light, comfortable, and preferably waterproof.

A. Cotton Casuals and Light Linens
It’s time to bring out those cotton T-shirts that have been stuck in your wardrobe since summer. A plain or patterned linen shirt over bermudas would make for the ideal casual look, and chinos for a more official look.

B. Ditch Denim
While denims can be super stylish, they’re a big no-no for the monsoons! Denim is a really thick material and takes forever to dry, so it’s better to opt for a synthetic rain jacket for men and joggers instead of a denim jacket and jeans.

C. Invest In Good Rainwear
While choosing the right outfits for rainy days is extremely important to tackle the wet weather, it is also necessary to have the right rainwear with you. By this, we mean that you must have a waterproof raincoat, rain poncho or rain jacket and preferably rain pants or a rain suit to protect your bottom half, especially when you’re commuting to work every day.
Wildcraft’s Rainwear Range is specially engineered with HYPADRY technology to keep you completely safe and dry, and each product is packed with features that will make your monsoon adventure more comfortable.

D. Pick Waterproof Footwear
For a couple of months, you would have to get through work life wearing lighter, durable, waterproof sandals or shoes, or preferably gum boots when you travel, instead of your formal shoes.

Rainy Season Clothes For Women

Who says monsoon calls for fashion faux-paus? With our insightful tips on the right rainy clothes, you are good to go!

A. Choose Loose, Light Tops and Tees
Surviving even a short period in the rain wearing a heavy top is merely impossible. Wear a cotton T-shirt, or a short kurti. Avoid wearing anything denim.

B. Wear Short Dresses
If you’re heading out to office or a brunch, you don’t want to be slogging around in trousers that are all dirty and drenched. Avoid wearing skinny pants or leggings. Instead, a cute dress and a good waterproof jacket or windcheater over would be ideal to brave the elements!

C. Wear a Good Rain Coat or Rain Poncho
Your rainy day ensemble is incomplete without a good-coverage raincoat or rain poncho. If you decide to go on a nature walk, or just exploring around, a lightweight sweater as the base layer and waterproof rainwear, like a rain jacket for women, make for the best outfit for the rainy days!
A rain poncho and raincoat offer full protection, leaving no seam uncovered for the foul weather. Plus, some of them are super lightweight and packable so you can easily fold them and stash them in your bag.
If you’re on the lookout for the perfect monsoon clothing, Wildcraft’s Rainwear Range is here for you.

D. High-Ankle Shoes Over Heels
Considering how much you’ve spent on those heels, you most definitely wouldn’t want them damaged or filled in slush! Opt for rubber slides, or waterproof sandals that can get you through even the toughest of weather conditions.

Rainy Season Clothes For Kids

As much joy as the rainy season spreads, the showers are also known to spread the viral flu and mosquito-borne diseases. Here are ways in which you don’t have to restrict the kids to the indoors, but enable them to explore with the right monsoon clothing.

A. Dress Them Up In Layers
The temperatures are generally quite low when it pours, so it’s best to ensure the kids stay comfortable warm in multiple layers – T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, waterproof rain jacket or raincoat.

B. Opt For Rain Coats That Cover From Head To Knees
A most important kids’ rainwear essential is a good quality raincoat that offers decent coverage – till the knees and with an adjustable hood.

C. Go For Rubber Boots That Allow Kids To Jump In Puddles
One of the fondest childhood memories for most of us would be splashing around in the puddles. We can’t take that away from kids, can we?
Instead, let them have a fun, safe time wearing durable, high-quality boots that keep them comfortable for long hours and are preferably odour-free.

D. Always Keep An Umbrella
We spoke about the right clothes to wear in the rainy season, but there are days when they could not be enough. A raincoat with a hood could be super protective, but when the downpours are unbearable, the water could trickle down into the coat. Have a foldable umbrella in the backpack at all times.

Which Rainy Season Dress to Avoid?
The combination of humidity and heavy showers is just not ideal for any adventure. But, with the right outfits for the rainy days, nothing can dampen your spirits!
Here are some monsoon clothing tips to follow:
A. Avoid wearing tight pants or trousers – Go for light shorts or capris instead
B. Ditch the sneakers and heels – Wear waterproof (preferably rubber) sandals, and boots for trekking
C. Don’t wear anything denim – We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, denim is just not the right rainy season clothing option!
D. Keep leather and suede away – The muddy water can spoil your expensive leather or suede shoes or bags.
Rainy days don’t always have to be dull! Make the most of it by wearing bold patterns, bright hues, and lighten the gloomy skies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which type of clothes we wear in rainy season?
Here are some common rainy season clothes that can get you through the challenging weather:
A. Cotton T-shirts
B. Linen Shirts
C. Bermudas or Shorts
D. Waterproof Rain Jacket or Rain Coat
E. Rain Poncho or Rain Suit
F. Short Dresses
G. Waterproof Sandals or Shoes

2. What is monsoon clothes in India?
A. A short kurta and khaki pants
B. Accessorize your T-shirt with a bright scarf
C. Kurta and a palazzo (Preferably quick-drying lycra or polyester)
D. T-shirt and capris
E. Flip Flops
No matter what you decide to wear as the base layer, always wear a rain jacket or rain coat to protect you from the showers.

3. How do you dress in the rain?
A. Wear comfortable rainy clothes (T-shirts, joggers, bermudas, shorts)
B. Always wear waterproof sandals or shoes
C. Don’t opt for delicate fabrics like silk or expensive fabric like leather that can get damaged easily in the rain
D. Wear a good quality, fully waterproof rain coat or rain jacket with a hood

4. How should I dress for heavy rain?
The heavy rain can be uncomfortable if you don’t dress appropriately. Make sure you wear something that will keep all the moisture at bay.
A. Waterproof rain jacket, rain coat, or rain poncho
B. Waterproof rain pants or rain suit
C. Waterproof sandals or shoes
D. Synthetic quick-dry dress
E. Or, cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt as base layer
F. Carry an umbrella everywhere.