Rain Suits & Raincoat Types - Fabrics, Features, and Difference between Raincoat & Windcheater

A raincoat is a lot more than a general piece of clothing. It is a necessity that can help you stay dry so you do not get sick. It protects your valuables from the rain and makes it easy to go about your daily chores even when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Here are some interesting facts about rainwear that you should know:

History of Raincoats & Rain Suits

Rain suits were used by the Native Americans living in the Amazon in the 1500s. Historians revealed that Native Americans used a waterproof piece of clothing that kept them dry from the harsh weather of the rainforest.

It was later, when Europeans landed in the Amazon, that they drew inspiration and started designing rainwear with better raincoat material. The first raincoat was called Fox’s Aquatic and was made by G. Fox in London in 1821.

Types of Raincoat & Rain Suits There are several raincoat types in the market these days, suitable for all ages, genders, and uses. Some of these include:

1. Ponchos: Ponchos have a unique design. They fit right over your head and have no arms. They can be large enough to cover your entire body up to your toes or be fit up to your knees. They are ideal for school going children as they are easy to put on and provide a wider circumference that can cover a school bag and water bottle. They also have a hood to protect the head from the rain.

2. Trench Coats: A trench coat has a wide collar and buttons in the front accompanied by a belt at the waist. Although made from cotton, the material is chemically treated to repel water. There is no hood to protect the head, but the coat usually covers you up to your knees or ankles. Trench coats are more suited for formal occasions like going to the office, attending a marriage, funeral, etc.

3. Rain Jackets: A rain jacket is a shorter jacket that protects the upper body from rain. Rain jackets can be bought in various designs and styles. They can have a zipper, button, or hooks on the front. You can also choose between a hood and a collar. You can buy the jacket alone or team it up with rain pants made from the same material.

Weather Protection in Rain Suits & Raincoat Types

Rainwear for men and women can be made from different raincoat material, depending on the weather and need. Different types of raincoats offer different protection from water. Here’s how:

Waterproof Raincoat: Waterproof raincoat does not let any water seep into your clothes. These raincoats are ideal for heavy rains and can keep you dry for hours. But they may also trap your body heat and make you sweat.

1. Water-resistant Raincoats: Water-resistant raincoats can keep you dry for a few hours but eventually soak in the water. These are suitable for moderate rains or if you have to step out for just a little while. The material cannot bear prolonged exposure to water and will get you wet if worn for many hours at length.

2. Water-repellent Raincoats: These raincoats repel water drops and do not let them settle on the surface for too long. They can be worn in heavy as well as moderate rain.

Features of Raincoat & Rain Suits

Here are some features of raincoats: 1. They are light weight: Raincoats are extremely light weight and can be worn on top of your regular clothes. They are comfortable and do not hurt your shoulders or cause exhaustion.

2. They are easy to maintain: Raincoats are designed to withstand harsh rains and wind. This makes them sturdy and quite easy to maintain. They can be hand washed or machine washed and air dried.

3. They do not shrink: Unlike other materials like cotton, raincoats do not shrink. They also do not bleed and can be used for years.

4. They can be bought for all ages and genders: You can buy stylish and comfortable rainwear for women, men, and children. Raincoats are available in different materials, styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be as fashionable as the next piece of clothing.

5. They are comfortable: Raincoats are made of breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable. You can wear them for an entire day without any issues. The water does not seep in and keeps your skin from developing rashes or infections.

Wildcraft offers a wide range of raincoat for men, women, and kids in different colours and styles. You can choose from rain jackets, rain pants, ponchos & suits, and a lot more.

In a vast tropical country like India, you experience different weather conditions. You have to be prepared for summer with soft and breezy clothes, whereas you require warm clothes for winter. Amidst these two extreme seasons, you have to be prepared with your rainwear to face the beautiful monsoons and get proper wind-protective clothes for when the winds hit too harsh.

So much of your outdoor activities and recreation lies in wearing the right clothes. You might be insistent that your old hoodie will be good enough for you, but the right clothes can make the difference. Two of the most common outdoor wear you will need are rainwear and windcheaters.

Understand the difference between a windcheater raincoat and choose your outdoor wear wisely:
What is a windcheater/Windbreaker?

A windcheater, also known as a windbreaker, is a wind-resistant outer jacket that helps you stay safe from the heavy wind. A windcheater is a close-fitted jacket that hugs your body comfortably, and its length reaches up to your hips. Generally, windcheaters have elasticised bands on the wrists and waist, allowing superior comfort and leaving no room for the wind to enter in.

Windcheaters are made of nylon or polyester because these fabrics can block heavy wind and also resist water, but only to a limited extent. This is a prime reason why windcheaters are water resistant but not waterproof.

Windcheaters have a thin, single layer of fabric. Hence, they are extremely lightweight and allow easily breathability. Usually, windcheaters are easily portable and affordably priced. Some windcheaters also have a hood to offer superior protection. They have large pockets on the sides of the jacket so that you can keep your belongings safe.

Windcheaters are useful for everyday wearing, but they are specifically most suitable for camping, mountain climbing, hunting, trekking, etc.
Comparison between Windcheater and Raincoat

Windcheater Raincoat Suitable for protection against the wind Suitable for protection against rain Lighter in weight Slightly heavier in weight than windcheaters Extends to the hip and has elastic wristbands and waistbands Extends only up to the waist Windcheaters are water-resistant Raincoats are water-resistant and waterproof Economical than raincoat Slightly higher priced than windcheater Summing up the key differences between windcheater and raincoat

• A jacket that protects you against the heavy wind is known as a windcheater, whereas a jacket that protects you against the rain is known as a raincoat, rain jacket or rain suit.

• A windcheater is a close-fitted jacket with elasticised wristbands and waistbands that usually reaches your hips. A rain jacket is a waist-long rain suit.

• Windcheaters are made of nylon or polyester, whereas raincoats are made of a combination of two or more materials, such as nylon, polyester, rayon, cotton, wool, etc.

• Windcheaters have a single layer of fabric. A rain jacket or raincoat has a multi-layer of fabric.

• Windcheaters are fairly lighter than rain jackets. This makes windcheaters more breathable than rain suits.

• Windcheaters are water resistant but not waterproof. However, rain jackets are waterproof and water-resistant.

• Windcheaters are slightly lower in price than rainwear.

Rainwear and Windcheater collection from Wildcraft

Wildcraft has a wide range of both windcheater and rainwear, precisely designed for your needs. Wildcraft offers exclusively designed rainwear for men, rainwear for women, as well as unisex raincoats and rain ponchos in attractive colours, such as red. All raincoats for men and a collection of rainwear for women is lightweight and offers easy breathability while offering 100% protection against rain. If you are heading outdoors and there is a chance of rain, it is best to wear rain suits or carry your rainwear along.

Overall, both windcheaters and rain jackets serve different purposes. For protection against rain, wear comfortable rain pants, and if you only want protection against the wind, go for a good windcheater. Choose your outdoor wear wisely and make the most of your adventure trips.


Life should not come to a standstill because of some rain. A raincoat is a must have during monsoons. So, make sure to invest in good rainwear based on your requirements and taste.