20 Perfect Holiday Destinations in India to Enjoy

Perfect Holiday Destinations

A vacation could be days filled with thrilling adventures for some, and just about relaxing surroundings and the serenity of nature for some. India is on every traveller’s bucket-list for this reason that it can offer you both.
Read on to know about 20 perfect holiday destinations in the country.

20 Best Places to Visit in India

I. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Located up north in Himachal Pradesh, The Queen of Hill Stations is a famous holiday retreat loved by tourists from all over the world. It was the summer capital of the British era, and it is perfect for the ones who love the gorgeous mountain views, winter chills, clean air, and mouth-water delicacies.
Best Time to Visit:
March to June to experience clear blue skies, spicy pine scents, and blooming flowers
December to January to witness snowfall.

II. Goa

This west coast city of India is primarily known for its nightlife and beaches. More than 3 million tourists visit Goa every year, including foreign travellers. North Goa is generally crowded, offering water sports and bustling streets with pubs and cafés, while South Goa is calmer, with pristine beaches, churches, and roads lined with coconut trees.
Best Time to Visit:
November to March is the ideal time to visit Goa, the weather is pleasant and the temperatures are mild.

III. Varanasi, Uttarakhand

Varanasi, also referred to as the Spiritual Capital of India, is also known as Banaras or Kashi. It is a popular pilgrimage site on the banks of the River Ganges with unparalleled charm and an energy that can enthral you as you listen to the sounds of the temple bells as the Ganga Aarti is going on.

Best Time to Visit:
> November to February – It may seem fairly cold with average temperatures of 6-10°C but allows you to explore the city better than in the hot summer months.

IV. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is a lovely city in the state of Rajasthan, west India. It is often called the "Venice of the East," thanks to its stunning, tranquil lakes. The city’s magical charm is further enriched by its beautiful palaces. Almost every hotel you stay at offers you the backdrop of one of Udaipur’s splendid lakes, and this lavish experience makes it an absolutely perfect holiday destination.
Best Time to Visit:
To avoid the blistering heat of Rajasthan, it is best to travel to Udaipur between September and March.

V. Kerala

Kerala has GOT to be in your wish list! After all, it isn’t known as “God’s Own Country” for no reason.
The backwaters of Kerala offer a stunning, tranquil setting. You can stay in a houseboat as you indulge in the state’s delicious cuisine, go on a backwater cruise, treat yourself to a massage in one of Kerala’s renowned Ayurvedic Spas & Wellness Centres, and simply replenish the serenity your soul has been seeking. With over 25 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, Kerala is the perfect place for you to take out your binoculars and spot exotic species of birds, animals, and flora.
Best Time to Visit:
September to March is the ideal time to visit Kerala to avoid the humid season and heavy rainfall.

VI. Amritsar, Punjab

Amritsar, also known as the “Lake of the Holy Nectar”, is another famous pilgrimage destination. One of India’s most popular getaway spots, this holy city of Punjab is visited by global and local tourists predominantly for the Golden Temple, and its cultural festivals, museums, and of course, the street food!
Best Time to Visit:
November to March is a good time to visit Amritsar, when the weather is chilly but ideal for sightseeing.

VII. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of Darjeeling. Located on a hilltop above the Rungeet River with the stunning view of Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling is a serene little hill station with plenty of tea plantations. Also called the “Queen of Hills”, this beautiful town in West Bengal has the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers you an extremely relaxing trip.
Best Time to Visit:
Summer months – March to June - are great to travel to Darjeeling to avoid the frigid temperatures and explore freely.

VIII. Kashmir

Who doesn’t love nature in all its glory? Find it right here in the incredible “Heaven On Earth” Kashmir. Situated in the northernmost geographical region of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir is a breathtakingly beautiful place with countless movie scenes shot here, scenic trekking routes, magnificent mountain backdrops, apple orchards, grasslands, and streams.
Best Time to Visit:
March to June is a wonderful time to visit Kashmir with the temperature ranging from 15°C to 30°C, allowing pleasant strolls and comfortable adventures.

IX. Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Whoever said a holiday in the forest isn’t a vacation, hasn’t been to Jim Corbett! Perhaps, one of the oldest national parks in Asia, the Jim Corbett National Park was named after British hunter-turned-conservationist, Edward James Corbett. The 500 square km forest land is has abundant flora fauna with the view of the Himalayas amidst the deciduous forests. It is home to the gigantic Bengal tiger, leopards, deer, Himalayan black deer, elephants, and more.
The Corbett National Park even offers several accommodation options right from luxury resorts to budget hotels and forest camps.
Best Time to Visit:
Visit Jim Corbett during December to March, as that is when the Royal Bengal Tiger can be spotted, especially in the morning.

X. Pondicherry

The French colonial town of Pondicherry/Puducherry is the perfect holiday destination for those who love the water and aesthetic cafés to chill in! This quaint little place has around five beaches that you can cycle along, the aura of the restaurants here is so exquisite that it almost reminds of you a wine-and-dine in France. There are a total of 32 churches in Pondicherry like the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Conception Cathedral, displaying beautiful French architecture, where you can sit in relaxation for hours together. The Aurobindo Ashram in Auroville is a place to seek spiritual healing and growth, and attend yoga sessions in the great outdoors.
Best Time to Visit:
A five-day trip to Pondicherry between October and March would make for the ideal holiday.

Your Packing Checklist
What you carry with you on your trip entirely depends on the destination and the season. However, here are some essentials that you must always have in your vacation bag!
A. Rainwear – Rain jacket, raincoat or rain poncho, rain pants
B. Footwear – Trekking boots, waterproof shoes, rubber slippers
C. Winter wear – Hiking Jacket, sweatshirt or pullover
D. Accessories – Gloves, beanie, umbrella, rain cover
E. Backpack or Rucksack
F. Necessary documents
G. Medical kit
H. Toiletry kit


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• Which state is known as perfect holiday destination?

Kerala, Rajasthan, and Goa are popular holiday destinations in India.

• Which place is good for family vacation?

Here are some perfect holiday destinations in India for a good family vacation:
A. Goa
B. Amritsar
C. Kashmir
D. Darjeeling
E. Rajasthan
F. Gangtok
G. Assam
H. Coorg
I. Jim Corbett
J. Rishikesh
K. Shimla
L. Manali