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Our Healthcare experts, specialists, and professors from around the world from which it gathered that the third wave may hit India by October. The second wave of the COVID-19 virus has grappled India and is hitting the country hard. The crisis has renewed the panic amongst people, making them think hard on how to best stay safe from the virus and keep those around them safe, too. One of the most basic things that everyone must do is stay home. However, if staying in is not feasible and it is important to step out, doctors strictly advise the use of masks to keep the virus at bay.

Wearing a mask can prevent you from the second wave of COVID-19 and upcoming waves and ensure you do not act as a transmitter of the virus for anyone else. So, wearing a protective gear such as Face Mask, PPE Kit and face shield can protect you and those around you.

Face masks when used in combination with other COVID-safety measures, such as physical distancing and lockdowns, can provide an effective way to manage the waves of COVID-19. For those working on the frontline, it is imperative to wear Hazmat Suit or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), even if they have received the vaccination.

How do Face Masks Protect you from the Deadly COVID-19 Virus?

The importance of covering your face with a face mask cannot be emphasised enough. Face masks are pivotal in keeping you and those around you safe from the deadly coronavirus. As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, coronavirus typically affects the lower and upper respiratory tracts in humans. However, when you wear a good quality mask in the right manner, you can protect the airway from the particulate matter created by the infectious droplets.

Typically, when a person says a simple phrase, between 20 and 500 droplets are generated into the air. But nearly all these droplets can be blocked if your mouth is covered with a proper face mask. Wearing masks significantly reduces the respiratory viruses emitted in droplets and aerosols.

How to Wear Your Face Mask Correctly?

Wearing a mask is not sufficient to protect you from the novel coronavirus. You must ensure that you wear the correct mask and in the right way, just like it should be worn. Most people rest their masks on their chin or put them below their nose, which is not the right way to go about it.

Your mask should ideally be a respirator with at least three layers of protection as it creates a stronger barrier for droplets. Also, make sure your mask fits snugly over your face like an anchor. It should fully cover your mouth and nose, extending slightly further towards the end of your mouth, while casing in the bottom of your chin.

Further, your mask should be comfortable against the sides of your face, enabling you to wear it with ease for prolonged hours, if needed. The most important aspect is to check the breathability of the mask. The mask should allow easy breathing, but should not leave any gaps on the sides of your face while being tied to your ears. This is important because a gap can leak respiratory droplets in and out, defeating the entire purpose of wearing a mask in the first place.

Which Types of Face Masks are Best against COVID-19 Virus

Ever since the coronavirus began in 2020 in India, the government, celebrities, influencers, and everyone else has been emphasising wearing a mask to avoid the transmission of the virus. Now, as the second wave of COVID-19 intensifies, wearing a mask and following necessary COVID-safety behaviour has become the new norm. The government has mandated everyone to wear a mask and even stricter imposed fine for offenders.

Wearing a mask is important because it is a key measure to stop transmission of the virus and save lives. Studies show that wearing masks can cut down on the coronavirus droplet spread by more than 80%. From medical-grade respirators to cloth masks, consumers today are spoilt for choice. Today, masks have also become the latest fashion accessory.

Here is a quick detailed guide on the different type of masks:

Types of Face Masks

1. Cloth masks: Cloths masks comprise layers of fabric that are sewed and attached to the face via ear loops. These masks can minimise the transmission of COVID-19 particles that are produced when you speak, cough or sneeze. However, cloth masks are less effective because of the gap they create near the nose, cheeks and jaw. These gaps allow tiny droplets to pass through, which can be inhaled and cause transmission of the virus. In some cases, the fabric is also porous, which makes the cloth masks even lesser effective in keeping out tiny droplets. The use of cloth masks is suggested only when you have no mask at all.

2. Surgical masks: Surgical masks are made of breathable synthetic fabric and are rectangular with pleats covering the nose, mouth, and jawline. These masks are disposable and fit for single use only. Surgical masks are more effective than cloth masks but are not fully secure against the droplets. Surgical masks do not comply with National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) filtration standards and fail to form an airtight seal against your face. This creates a loophole for the droplets to transmit. Even though surgical masks come at a reasonable price per piece, they cannot be reused.

3. Respirators: Respirators are the ideal masks that you should wear to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. Formed of tangled fibres, respirators comfortably and snugly fit against your face, filtering both inhaled and exhaled air. This makes respirators highly effective at filtering pathogens and viruses. These respirators are mandated to meet the strict filtration standards of the NIOSH, which them even more superlative in their fight against the novel coronavirus.

Face Masks for Children or Kids

Even children require masks that are safe, comfortable and offer complete protection from the transmission of the virus. For the safety of your kids, you can consider using the Wiki Champ Mask from Wildcraft. The mask is 100% safe to keep your kids safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, smoke, harmful particles and other particulate matter. The mask is reusable and ultra-comfortable for kids, accommodating all facial movements. This helps improve comfort for children, and they can easily carry on playing while wearing the mask.

How much Should You Pay for Your Face Mask?

Masks are one of the most critical protective wear against the COVID-19 virus. It is advisable to invest in a mask that is apt for the purpose and offers maximum protection. Simply buying a low-priced mask that does not guarantee your safety might help you save more now but can have serious implications later.

Even though surgical masks are cheap, they are not failproof or comfortable. Moreover, they are not reusable, which makes them collectively expensive than other respirators. Face masks are the last resort and should be worn only if you do not have any other masks. Respirators are reusable and offer the ideal protection against the COVID-19 virus, giving you the full worth of your money.

Choose Masks from Wildcraft to get the Perfect Protection against the COVID-19 Virus

Wildcraft offers a range of masks with all the features that will help you stay safe amidst the second wave and impending third wave of the COVID-19 virus. The Wildcraft SUPERMASK, Wiki Champ Mask and VIROSHIELD Masks have a six-layered triple filtration system, that can filter out 99% of droplets including coronavirus particles. These respirator masks and even more from the Wildcraft masks range are reusable up to 30 times and extremely easy to wash.

The masks have been created particularly to protect people from harmful coronavirus and related diseases. These masks are reusable, easy to wash and offer improved defence against the virus with a pleasing design. The entire mask range from Wildcraft has been carefully designed, keeping in mind the different weather conditions. The masks support easy breathability and provide complete comfort. The Masks come with a Flexi-fit neck strap that makes them easy to handle, effortless to talk through and seamless for long-hour wearing.

These masks snugly fit your face, covering your mouth and nose, leaving no gaps for the droplets to pass in and out. You will experience minimal eye fogging and no skin allergies or reactions as the masks are non-toxic and 100% safe. Wildcraft also offers Hazmat suit or PPE that provide full protection and safety in hazardous and contaminated environments.


When it comes to buying masks for protection against COVID, make sure to choose nothing but the best, even if it is slightly high priced. Moreover, irrespective of the mask you choose, it can protect you from COVID-19 only when combined with other COVID safety measures.