10 Gym Essentials for Men & Women

There are several workouts now that involve no equipment whatsoever, but really, what fun is that? And of course, a gym bag stocked with essentials can ease your routine – right from your earphones so music can pump up your exercise, post-workout kit so you go out of the gym feeling fresh, and even a drink or snacks that can boost your energy while you’re at it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and indispensable gym essentials for men and women:
10 Gym Essentials that You Need to Bring on Your Workout
1. The Right Shoes & Extra Slippers
If you want to put your best foot forward and avoid risk of injury, you definitely need the right kicks. Remember, running shoes are entirely different from gym shoes. So, the choice of your trainers depends on the intensity, speed, and agility required for the activity. Generally, if you prefer an all-round workout and hit the treadmill, lift weights, do Zumba as well, it’s best to choose a shoe that fits all requirements.
Preferably, your shoes must have low heel drop to add stability, cushioned sole that offers shock absorption and excellent traction, and supportive uppers.
When you leave the gym, you’ll need extra footwear – sandals or slides – for the commute.

2. Workout Clothes
Just like your shoes, your gym attire facilitates a better workout. These are some garments that you must have in your gym bag:
A. Sports bra and running shorts
B. Trackpant and T-shirt
C. A pair of socks
D. Capris or trainer leggings
E. A jacket to wear after your workout
F. An extra T-shirt to wear when you leave the gym

3. Gadgets
All of us love a good workout vibe! What better way to set it up than with great music? It’s best to carry wireless/Bluetooth earphones that fit into a small, portable case which you can stash in the small pocket of your bag.
If you’re somebody who tracks your progress, you’d also need a smart watch with you.

4. Water Bottle
The more you sweat it out, the more fluid replenishment your body demands to function at that pace. A water bottle is an absolute must-have in your gym bag. Avoid using plastic bottles and opt for a steel leak-proof one that comes with a good capacity so it’ll last you till you get home.

5. Snacks/Drinks
A lot of athletes need a good protein or energy drink for optimal hydration, apart from water. You’re bound to get hungry after an intense workout too, so it’s great to carry some healthy bars in your bag.

6. Microfibre Towel
Nobody wants to walk out of the gym smelling musty. Instead of carrying a heavy terrycloth or Turkey towel, a microfibre towel is light, super soft on the skin, and moisture-absorbing.

7. Grip Gloves
Weight-lifting gloves give you excellent grip, prevent your palms from getting rough, and make your workouts much safer.

8. Cleansing Wipes
We stand firm on the “no going out of the gym with bad odour” statement. And, your personal hygiene needs are as important as your fitness goals. Cleansing face and body wipes gently clean the dirt and grease off the body and leave you feeling refreshed.

9. Gym Lock & Membership Card
A lot of gyms do have their own locker system, but some places require you to carry your own lock.
Most importantly, don’t forget to carry your wallet with cash and your gym card.

10. A Gym Bag
We’ve covered all the gym essentials for men and women, and left the most important for the last.
You need a durable, preferably water resistant, and right-sized gym bag to organize all of these items in. Once you figure out what all you want to be carrying to the gym, you can pick a bag accordingly.

Gym Essentials for Men
While gym essentials are mostly common to both men and women, there are still some that stay exclusive to each.
1. Headband
Sport bands are necessary to keep the sweat out of your eyes and the hair away from your face so you can work out without any disruption. A good headband is made of a stretchy fabric that absorbs moisture so you perform your best.

2. Wide-toothed Comb
After removing that sweatband, your hair might seem like it’s unkempt and needs taming. Use a good quality comb to detangle and set it right.

3. Extra Clothes
If you wish to change into more comfortable clothes from your sweaty T-shirt and trackpant, you’ll need a shirt, or a cotton tee and cargo shorts or extra trackpant when you head back home.

Gym Essentials for Women
There are some things that no woman can get to the gym without. And shouldn’t, either.
1. Hair Ties
The last thing you want when you’re really into your workout is your hair falling on your face. And for acne reasons, too.
It’s best to carry 3-4 rubber bands, or clips and a hairband to avoid that situation.

2. Deodorant
Use a towel to wipe all the sweat away, but the antiperspirant will have you leaving the gym smelling fresh as a flower.

3. Face Wash
Most women face skin problems due to persistent sweating during the workout. We recommend a salicylic acid face wash that can thoroughly cleanse and dislodge the pores from dirt.

4. Sports Bra & Cycling Shorts
A women’s must-have workout gear – a good sports bra! The classic racerback bra is good enough to provide ample support in all your fitness endeavours.
If you’re done jogging or walking on the treadmill and want to switch from those capris/leggings or heavy trackpants to more stretchable, breathable, and light bottoms – biking shorts make for the perfect workout gear.

These gym essentials should keep your #ReadyForAnything! FAQs
· What should a guy put in his gym bag?
Every guy should have the following essentials in his gym bag: A gym towel, deodorant, headband, extra clothes, water bottle, energy bars, workout shoes, and grip gloves.

· What are gym accessories for men?
Here are some gym accessories for men: Weightlifting belt, arm band, grip gloves, and sweatband.

· What should one carry to gym?
These are some of the gym essentials for men and women: The right shoes, workout clothes, water bottle, energy drink and snacks, gym towel, headphones and smart watch, all in a good quality gym bag.

· What should a woman bring to the gym?
It’s best to go to the gym with a fully-packed essentials bag. This includes: workout clothes (sports bra, T-shirt, trackpant, leggings or capris), a reusable water bottle, a microfibre towel, face wash and deodorant, hair ties, and good footwear.

· What should a beginner take to the gym?
To make you gym experience smooth, we suggest you to do carry the following essentials in your gym if you’re a beginner:
A. Athletic clothes – Socks, T-shirt, capris/leggings, post-workout clothes
B. Gym shoes & extra flip-flops or sandals after workout
C. Personal hygiene – Face wash, deodorant, body and face wipes, hairbrush or comb
D. Fitness gear – Resistance bands, arm band, sweatband, grip gloves, waist belt
E. Water bottle
F. Energy bars or protein shake