Best Waterproof Trekking Shoes in India

Trekking enthusiasts enjoy staying active and exploring, irrespective of the season and the weather conditions. However, what really keeps them going and allows them to embrace the uncertain is their self-sufficient gear. If you are still motivated to go on an adventure in the dark, stormy weather, we can’t say this intensely enough, but good waterproof shoes HAVE to accompany you.

Hiking boots are essential for your best performance on the trail, but this doesn’t mean that a sturdy, durable shoe will weigh you down. This guide will help you choose the right one.

What Makes Trekking Shoes Waterproof?
When you think of waterproof trekking shoes, you may say that the shoes would be impervious to the entry of water. But what really makes them that way? The lining you see on the boots, the outer shell material, the inner mesh, all contribute to meet the waterproof standards.
For example, Wildcraft shoes are made of a durable water repellent finish – DWR – and a specialized bellow tongue that prevents water from entering the shoe.
Generally, trekking shoes have a breathable, waterproof membrane in between the upper and the inner lining that will completely keep the water out, while still allowing air to circulate so you don’t feel uncomfortable and can rely on them for easy, unrestricted movement irrespective of the weather.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Trekking Shoes?
If you’re wondering why you absolutely need to wear waterproof shoes on a rainy or snowy trek, this will help you.
A. Keep your feet dry – These shoes would be constructed out of material that keep your feet completely dry and warm which is both comfortable and healthy, especially during the winter season.
B. Blister-free feet - When there’s still a bit of dampness after your trek, this causes the sweat and water to form blisters on your feet. As for waterproof shoes, your feet can breathe as the water evaporates from them and will have no bad odour.
C. Easily cross the puddles and streams – If you wear low ankle shoes that aren’t waterproof, you’re gonna be wading through deep puddles with water seeping into your shoes and your feet will end up wet and cold.

How To Select Waterproof Trekking Shoes?
1. Waterproof Technology
– Trekking boots are generally waterproof, owing to their special membrane just underneath the outer layer which keeps your feet one hundred per cent dry. For added protection, the upper is made of a water repellent material. So, it’s better to always opt for a pair that’s got you covered in multiple ways possible.
2. Breathability
– When we talk about sealed, weather-proof shoes, you might think they would keep the water out, and the air too. Contrary to this belief, good quality trekking boots are completely waterproof but highly breathable too; which means they allow your feet to get some fresh air so you don’t feel damp and sweaty inside.
3. Weight
– Keeping your feet bone-dry doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing on weight. You can still find super light, super protective boots.

Best Waterproof Trekking Shoes In India
Trekking is an expedition that is mostly dependent on your feet. And your feet need the ideal shoes that ensure ultimate comfort to take on any terrain, any weather.
1. Argon
– Wildcraft’s Argon Trekking Shoes in a classy castlerock yellow is engineered with a unique HypaGrip™ technology that offers excellent grip and traction to tread on rocky trails and paved paths. It doesn’t end here. These anti-microbial, waterproof shoes are made with a CMEVA Footbed that allows superior cushioning comfort for your feet and the sole is made of rubber, so there’s slip resistance too.
2. Amphibia Sphere
- Wildcraft’s Amphibia Sphere is every trekker’s favourite! Built with HypaGrip™ technology and a rugged outsole with multi-directional lugs so as aggressive as the tread may be, your feet can take the beating. They are ideal for high altitude, extensive treks and multi-day hikes.
– The ideal trekking boots for women, especially since they are engineered for maximum comfort and performance, and look great too! The HypaGrip™ technology offers superior traction and slip resistance so you can tackle any off-beaten terrain easily. With a waterproofing membrane up to 80mm height, it is also anti-microbial.
With the right pair of shoes, not even bad weather can ruin your adventures. You are #ReadyForAnything!

1. Should trekking shoes be waterproof?
It is a no-brainer that trekking shoes have to be waterproof to keep your feet dry and warm and get you through the wet trails easily.
2. Which shoes are best for hiking and trekking?
Waterproof high-ankle shoes that are also breathable, anti-microbial, and lightweight are ideal for hikes and treks.
3. Which shoes are best for trekking in rainy season?
Waterproof trekking boots that have lugs for excellent traction and slip resistance are important for when you’re undertaking a trek in the monsoon season.
4. What shoes should I wear for water hiking?
Water hiking means a lot of splashing through puddles and creek crossing, so you will need lightweight waterproof shoes that fit securely and keep the water out.
5. Can I use sports shoes for trekking?
It is advisable not to use sports shoes for trekking, especially during the rainy season. It is better to wear trekking boots that are waterproof, breathable, and sturdy with specialized a sole and lugs for the rocky terrains.