10 Best Travel Bags For Men

Are you planning to travel soon and can’t decide what kind of a bag to carry with you? You’ve come to the right place.
Whether you’re headed for a weekend road trip, a business trip, or a backpacking journey, it all boils down to the ideal travel bag that is comfortable and functional to carry around, making your exploration smooth and hassle-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the best travel bags for men:
10 Best Travel Bags For Men
Duffle Bags

1. Camper Duffle Bag
They say a good duffle bag needs to do one good thing: hold stuff. But the Camper by Wildcraft ticks more boxes than just that!
Travelling isn’t only about the destination, it’s predominantly about the journey. And when you need to get through challenging trails or are tired of lugging around a bag everywhere, this understated staple can simply be converted into a sturdy backpack just by adjusting the straps and smoothen your navigation.
The Camper features a water resistant exterior, a spacious main compartment that’s easily accessible, and all tis areas of stress are reinforced so you needn’t worry about its durability whatsoever.

2. Proxima Duffle Bag
The Proxima Duffle Trolley makes you feel as though you’ve discovered a new art of carrying luggage that makes your travel life all the more fun and stress-free!
Wildcraft has certainly put all its know-how and years of manufacturing experience into this bag to get you anywhere you want.
This physically tough duffle can suit all your needs with its loaded features: it has ample storage space with organized compartments, cushioned shoulder strap so there’s no strain on you, and it is super light yet extremely durable, made with an abrasion resistant, waterproof, and dirtproof material.

3. Frisbee Duffle Bag
The Frisbee Duffle is has all the features that drew you to a travel bag in the first place! It offers generous storage space with a main compartment and side pockets to organize your essentials neatly, but what really makes it unique is that it can be compressed to the size of a disc with one simple zipping action, so that makes it packable. Wildcraft uses special machines to bar tack the stress points for enhanced durability as well.

1. Storm Backpack
The Storm Backpack by Wildcraft is a great transit backpack for men on-the-go. It is constructed with padded shoulder straps for comfort of carrying, but if you wish to haul it around a different way, it’ll seamlessly slide over your luggage handle. It has roomy packing compartments, with multiple internal pockets and sleeve for easy organization, and the padded back system means you can carry heavy loads without putting excessive pressure on your spine. If you wish to travel in the monsoon season, the rain cover that comes with the bag will protect your belongings, making it one of the best travel bags for men.

2. Pacto 2.0
Wildcraft’s Pacto Backpack has got all the basics right before actually diving into the aesthetic realm. It’s aced both, anyway.
The dual compartment bag, with a superglide mesh for enhanced comfort, can fit all your gear, and even a 15” laptop if you’re going on a business trip, and the internal multi-level organizers are made with mesh pockets and key loops for effortless packing. And obviously, you can’t miss out on its classy, smart appearance.
Tech Packs

1. Eiger 35
The Eiger Backpack is an ergonomically designed technical pack that is outfitted with numerous features to fasten your gear and is ideally suited to trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts.
Named after a mountain of the Bernese Alps range, the Eiger offers the most efficient way to carry essentials for your multi-day trip without any fuss. It has interior compartments with dividers that you can use to fit your belongings perfectly and secure them using the buckle closure and straps.
The best part about this backpack is its Ventex Pro Back System with HDPE board that allows you to lug it around for long hours and still feel no discomfort, and even if you’re travelling in the dark, the reflective tape on the bag will help you explore safely.

1. Trailblazer 50
It is often said that a rucksack can either make or mar your trekking experience. We obviously prefer the former. So, on that note, we introduce to you - The Trailblazer 50 Trekking Rucksack – the best travel bags for men who love the climb.
One of the most important factors that will help you choose the right gear is the capacity of the bag, and the Trailblazer offers 50 litres of storage, making it ideal for the ardent trekker’s expeditions.
It is feature-heavy but surprisingly sleek and lightweight.
The roomy top compartment and the gusseted hood pocket allow you to stash all your gear, the padded shoulder straps are adjustable to fit you better, the hood has additional gear cords and loops for extra protection, and the contoured back system is designed to give you all the support you need.

2. Gangotri 55 Pro
Named after the Himalayan glacier, the 55-litre Gangotri Pro is your best trekking companion! The clean, smart design makes it look good, load heavy gear including your trekking pole, sleeping bag, and clothing, and still remain lightweight.
It is made using a durable Robic fabric that can take it through every terrain and every weather condition that you ascend in, especially since it comes with an attached rain cover. The Glyde Pro Back System ensures that you carry the bag comfortably till the summit, no glitches in between.
Needless to mention, the Gangotri is built with multiple compartments for systematic organization of your essentials.

1. Capella Hybrid Travelcase
Can’t decide between a hardside and a softside travelcase? We’ve got the perfect solution for a traveller like you – The classic black Capella Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds.
It is constructed with a durable, sturdy exterior that can take a beating as you manoeuvre it easily (thanks to its 360 degree smooth wheelers), while the soft interior allows you to flexibly organize your belongings.
This travelcase now comes with a resettable TSA lock which means you never have to worry about it getting damaged during security checks, making it ideal for your foreign trips too.

2. Mirach Travelcase
Widely appreciated for its high-quality and resistance, the robust Mirach Travelcase is clearly the most aesthetic choice for your journey.
This impeccably designed luggage is super spacious with its internal organizer pockets, comes with an anti-theft zipper for security, and a flushed TSA combination lock for hassle-free authorization at the airport. This easily makes for the best travel bag for men who transition from a beach vacay to a business trip spontaneously!
While we’ve rounded up some of the best travel bags for men, we do have a lot more performance-driven travel gear on our website that can keep you #ReadyForAnything.


Which bag is best for travelling?
A backpack works as one of the best travel bags due to their versatility – All you have to do is organize your essentials in it and explore away.
Another good option is a convertible duffle that you can put away easily when not in use like the Wildcraft Camper Duffle Bag or the Wildcraft Frisbee Duffle Bag.

Which bag is best for cabin luggage?
Here are some of the best carry-on luggage options that you can take with you instead of the bulky bags – Rigel Plus Travelcase, Centauri Travelcase, Caster Duffle Trolley, Altair Hardside Trolley.

What bags should a man own?
These are some of the bags that every man should own:
A. A sturdy backpack
B. A laptop messenger or portfolio bag
C. A duffle bag (preferably convertible or packable)
D. An adventure rucksack for the trekking enthusiasts
E. A versatile travelcase
Which bags are good for international travel?
When you’re travelling outside the country, you’ll need a bag that can accommodate a lot more than usual without sinking to the load. These are some of the best travel bags for international trips:
A. A large size, check-in travelcase – Wildcraft Agena Travelcase, Sirius Plus Trolley, Capella Biz Trolley, Sirrah Trolley.
B. A cabin size travelcase or duffle – Antares Trolley, Caster Duffle Bag, Rover Travel Duffle Bag.
C. Rucksacks, if you plan to go on a trek – Verge 50L, Gangotri Pro, Rock & Ice 30
D. Technical packs for your digital essentials – Eiger 35L, Aspro Laptop Backpack, Streak Backpack.