Best Laptop Bags For Work And Travel

Whether you’re toting your new MacBook or just carrying your everyday essential gadgets, you would require a good padded laptop bag to secure them.
Working from home for a long time may have made you forget about the necessity of a bag that can protect your tech gear and easily pass as a travel bag too. Being a work bag or briefcase, it needs to be long-lasting and resistant to daily flaying.
For all these needs and more, we’ve listed down a few fit and functional bags – backpacks, slings, briefcases – with versatile storage options for you to get to work and get through it effortlessly.

Why Do You Need A Laptop Bag?

Of course, the principal benefit of a laptop bag is the protection that it offers. Placing the laptop in the designated compartment can help minimize the amount of debris that would otherwise settle on your gadget, and shelter it from the damage that could be caused by minor knocks or falls.
Most laptop bags are made from highly durable, water-repellent material that can protect it against spillages and exposure to rain.
This, in turn, takes us to the next reason – easy maintenance. Storing your laptop in a specific tech bag means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the dust off of the display and chassis every now and then. This could also potentially prolong its lifespan.
An added pro of using a laptop bag is the organization system it is built with. These bags are accommodating carries, thanks to their ergonomically designed multi-compartments for the laptop and your accessories like phone, USB cable, pen drive.
If you’re a frequent traveller, whether for business or leisure, these bags will come in handy with their optimum protection. You don’t have to worry about damage at the airport security check!

How Do You Select A Good Laptop Bag For Yourself?

Considering the fact that there are several different types of laptop bags that you could choose from, making the right choice can be a bit bewildering. We’re here to make it easier for you.
First, ask yourself:
• Are you working from home or are you going to be carrying your laptop to work every day?
• Are you going to be going on business trips often?
• What’s your personal style; casual or statement?

1. Laptop Backpacks

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Compared to the other options, laptop backpacks offer two distinct advantages to their users: Anatomically designed back-mounted carriers are much better for one’s posture and comfort, and they are much more convenient for when you’re travelling or commuting to work – go hands-free. They have the ability of even distribute the weight to both shoulders so you never feel like it’s pulling you down.
However, this doesn’t necessarily mean every laptop bag is efficient.
A tough backpack that’s still lightweight no matter how much you stash into it, is ideal. It should come with a padded compartment that can fit at least a 14” laptop, extra pockets to store smaller gadgets, preferably, a charging port, and a grippy handle to carry it.
For example, the Spade Unisex Bag by Wildcraft is perfect for work. With a 15” padded and strap-secured laptop compartment and internal organizer for your charger, it also comes with a quick-access front pocket for the smaller gadgets. The cushioned back system provides enhanced comfort too.

2. Messengers and Sling Bags

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A versatile shoulder bag that comes with long handles and an adjustable shoulder strap; it’s definitely the most modish option of them all. Unfortunately, it only comes with one strap to carry it, which puts the load on one side of your body, but it will allow you a hands-free commute.
The organization here isn’t as good as a backpack’s, considering the space available, but if you’re solely using the bag to store your laptop, it’s a great deal.

3. Sleeve Covers

After making the significant laptop investment, you would do everything you can to protect it and promote its longevity.
The sleeve bag does not come with straps or compartments, mostly. As the name suggests, it is literally a sleeve case, generally made of waterproof, rubber-like material that you can slide your laptop into and enclose it with the zip. This is useful when you’re working remotely or just want to store the gadget and if you have a sleek, lightweight laptop.
You can even use the sleeve to hold the laptop and then put it into your laptop backpack or messenger, for extra protection.
An updated version of this bag is the Portfolio Case, a sleeve cover that comes with an enclosure strap and a small zippered pocket for business cards.

How To Measure The Laptop To Choose the Correct Laptop Bag?

Each laptop bag comes with size specifications and limits. So, you’d have to rightly measure your laptop before you shop for its bag. It’s quite simple.
Always measure the screen size first; take a measuring tape and start measuring from the bottom left of the laptop screen diagonally to the top right of the laptop screen. That is your laptop size. Measure the height, width and depth of the laptop only after. And then pick a bag that suits all of these dimensions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a laptop bag?

The best way to shop for a laptop bag is in person. You will have to wear it to check for its comfort level, you should be able to load it up without really feeling too much of the load on your back. Generally, nylon or polyester make is ideal, thanks to their strength and water repellence. Lastly, the design; this is a very subjective feature and the number and types of pockets, loops and other storage options in packs depend on what you prefer. The more, the better. 

How do you carry a heavy laptop?

The best way to carry a heavy laptop starts with the right bag. A well-padded and water-resistant bag will be a wonderful companion to your devices, allowing you to even leave your laptop secure in the bag while travelling. And, we recommend you to carry a backpack instead of a sling so that the weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders. 

Which material is best for laptop bags?

Nylon has been used in handbags for quite some time, and thanks to its excellent anti-wear and lightweight characteristics, it makes for a good laptop bag material. Polyester is durable and slightly heavier but is less expensive compared to nylon. If you’re a vegan, then faux leather is super durable and requires just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

What size bag should I get for my laptop?

Most laptop bags come with compartments that can fit devices up to 15”. You should preferably use a bag with storage space that’s a little more than your laptop size, just in case.

How can I protect my laptop while travelling?

Here are some ways to secure your laptop when you travel: Use a properly padded laptop case with a lock to prevent damage and theft, keep your laptop with you while travelling at all times, and make sure that the bag is waterproof and wear-resistant.