Best Day & Night Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Most people love Bangalore for its happening nightlife and delicious food joints. However, there’s more to this city than just that. While there aren’t mountains within the city, Bangalore does have a plethora of peaks nearby for you to experience picturesque views, fresh air, and clear blue skies during the day, and if you love the sight of nature at night, the mesmerizing stars, and the moonlit sky, there are some great night treks too!

Best Day Trekking Places Near Bangalore

1. Savandurga Hill:

Savandurga is located around 50 km from Bangalore and this hill is considered to be one of the largest monoliths in Asia. It has two massive granite cliffs – Billibetta (white peak) and Karibetta (black peak), which are about 4,000 feet high.
It offers remarkable vistas of the Arkavathi River flowing to join the Manchinbele Dam and the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir.
The trail originates from the Magadi Village, home to lush green forests that form a part of the Deccan Plateau. You can also visit the Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy temples located at the foothill.
Trek Difficulty – Moderate to difficult
Duration – 4 hours
How To Reach – Regular buses ply from Bangalore. You can also book a cab
Tips – Carry at least two bottles of water since there are no sources of drinking water the whole way up.
The trail is primarily just a steep slope of granite rock, so make sure you wear footwear with excellent grip.

2. Ramanagara:

Ramanagara isn’t just a pit stop on your way to Mysore. The famous 70’s Bollywood movie Sholay was extensively shot here!
It is located about 48 km from Bangalore, surrounded by rocky hillocks and door-like grottoes that make them look like caves.
Also known as the “Silk City”, Ramanagara is famous for its sericulture and is one of the major production centres of Silk in India.
The trek would be of great interest for birdwatchers; you can spot Egyptian vultures and Indian vultures, Indian Spot-billed Duck, Indian Peafowl, Jungle Bush-Quail, Little Grebe, Rock Pigeon, and Spotted Dove.
Trek Difficulty – Difficult
You should be well-prepared and physically fit to take up this trek since the trail has steep ascents, crevices, and slippery rocks.
Duration – 12 hours (both ways)
How To Reach – The train ride from Bangalore to Ramanagara is a 45 minute journey, or you can take the bus which takes about an hour.
Activities offered – Rock climbing, rappelling, swimming, and kayaking.

3. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta:

This is an ideal trek for adventure fanatics. Located just around 70 km from Bangalore, near Kanakapura, it is an altitude of 3,800 feet with a temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy at the peak, just underneath a white rock, hence giving it the name “Bilikal Betta”.
The trail begins at the base camp Konala Doddi and the path is decently marked for safety. Initially, the trail is comparatively level and as you go through the dense forest area, the slope gradient gradually increases.
Visit this place early in the morning and you can see dreamy layers of mist spread over the lush green trees and if you’re lucky, you can spot elephants too.
Trek Difficulty – Moderate
Duration – 4 hours (both ways)
How To Reach – Private cab or KSRTC and private buses which generally ply from KR Market
Best Time To Visit – August to December

4. Kodachadri:

Kodachadri is located in Shimoga, Karnataka, which is a 7 hour drive from Bangalore.
This 14 km trek will take you through the beautiful Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary as you stroll through paddy fields, climb up thick forest hills and the waterfall here is surely a sight to behold.
The peak lies at an altitude of 1,350 feet and this 13 km trek is home to diverse flora, giving it the name “Jasmine Hills” and also soffers breath-taking views of the Arabian Sea.
If you are a bird-lover, you can spot the White-bellied treepie, Pompadour green pigeon, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill, and many more!
Base Camp – Karekatte
Trek Difficulty – Moderate to difficult
Duration – 8 hours (both ways)
Best Time To Visit – September to February

Best Night Trekking Places Near Bangalore

1. Skandagiri:

Skandagiri is one of the most popular trekking destinations near Bangalore. Located at an approximate distance of 70 km from the city, Skandagiri offers an extraordinary sunrise trek. Originally called “Kalavara Durga”, this mountain fortress was built by Tipu Sultan before the Anglo-Mysore War.
At an elevation of 4,500 feet above sea level, this trek will have you feel like you’re walking above the clouds! The first phase of the trek is relatively easy, although there have been instances of spotting tigers on the way. The last phase will make you climb steeper, slippery slopes. However, we promise you, it’s worth it. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a good bonfire and watch the mesmerizing sunrise.
Base Camp – Kalavara Base
Trek Difficulty – Easy to moderate
Distance – 8km
Best Time To Visit – November to February

2. Makalidurga:

If you’re looking for some calmness in an adventure, this is the perfect trek for you.
Makalidurga is located 60 km from Bangalore and its name comes with an interesting theory that it is has a woody climber known as "Makali Beru" or Makali Root, the sap of which is used to prepare an immunity drink.
This hill rests at a height of 4,500 feet; it has a railway line passing through all the greenery and the foothill is surrounded by a lake whose shape is similar to the shape South American continent.
This exciting night trek will allow you to explore the beautiful Makalidurga Fort, the Shiva Temple and you can also indulge in rock-climbing towards the top of the hill.
Base Camp – Makalidurga Railway Station
Trek Difficulty – Easy
Distance – 8km
Best Time To Visit – September to February

3. Kunti Betta:

The Kunti Betta Night Trek is one of the most popular ones near Bangalore city and it truly ignites the explorer in you!
This is basically the landscape: two massive rocky hills overlooking the beautiful lake of Pandavapura and sugarcane plantations running through.
This 6 km trek is super fun and once you reach the crest of the hill, sit by the campfire and experience a stunning sunrise. Plus, there are also some great water activities in the lake that you can treat the adventurer in you to, like kayaking and swimming.
Base Camp – Kunti Betta Base
Trek Difficulty – Easy to moderate
Duration – 3 hours
Best Time To Visit – October to February

4. Anthargange:

One of the most sought-after destinations near Bangalore, Anthargange offers a thrilling experience with its trekking and cave exploration activities. Located around 65 km from the city, the Anthargange hill is at an altitude of 1,712 m above sea level.
While the trek is just around 3 km, the trail has broken rocks and boulders so make sure you are wearing shoes which have excellent grip. With a bonfire and the star-lit sky, you can wake up to watch the sun rise above the clouds. The night cave exploration will take you back to the pre-medieval times!
Trek Difficulty – Easy to moderate
Duration – 2 hours
Best Time To Visit – October to February

Best Trekking Places During Monsoon Near Bangalore

The greatest time to experience Karnataka’s hillocks is the rainy season. Be it the mist-covered valleys, or gushing waterfalls by lush meadows and the abundance of flora and fauna, it’s like a piece of heaven.
These places will never fail to replenish your soul:
1. Coorg
2. Shivanasamudra
3. Yercaud
4. Kudremukh
5. Agumbe