8 Beaches Near Pune For A Perfect Weekend Vacation

Introduction: Beaches Near Pune
Long weekends call for road trips to places where you can rejuvenate, refuel, and revel in fresh air, salty water, and sunshine. Pune isn’t technically a coastal city, but its beautiful neighbourhood is home to some of the most enviable, alluring shorelines, along the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra, with delightful views where you can lounge by the tall trees sipping on a refreshing beverage or indulge in some fun sports activities that satisfy your thirst for adventure. However, Maharashtra experiences heavy rainfall till mid-September, so travelling to these beach towns during this period might not be such a good idea.
We’ve put together a guide to some of the best beaches near Pune that make for the ideal short vacation destination!

8 Beaches Near Pune You Must Visit In 2022

1. Alibaug Beach
If you’re looking to have a quiet, but quite dreamy vacation for yourselves, Alibaug is just the place for you.
Located along the coastline of the Arabian Sea, this is every traveller’s favourite beach near Pune. The coarse blackish sands and crystal clear water that flows in waves with the beautiful backdrop of the setting sun, is a sight to behold. Plus, you can even go horse-riding or paragliding here, and visit the famous Kulaba Fort and St. Barbara Tower nearby.
Distance from Pune – 150km, 3-hour drive

2. Kashid Beach
This little paradise that you will find on the way to Murad is a known for its pristine white sand that is stretched across 3 kilometres bounded by Casuarina trees.
You can pitch a tent and stargaze at night here, and do some water sports or horse-riding during the day. If you like to explore heritage, you can visit the Murud Janjira Fort that offers you a lovely view of the town.
Distance from Pune – 175km, 4-hour drive

3. Diveagar Beach
Diveagar is a quaint village located in the Raigarh district in Maharashtra that boasts some of the most pristine beaches near Pune.
The Diveagar Beach is one such gem that has white sand, sparkling blue waves, surrounded by palm trees, stretching to a vast coastline of 6 kilometres.
You can enjoy water activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, boat rides, or go horse-riding the cool breeze lures your senses.
There are also a few places you can visit nearby like the Padmadurg Fort, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, and Roopnarayan Temple.
Distance from Pune – 160km, 3.5-hour drive

4. Mandwa Beach
Mandwa Beach is another scenic beach near Pune, in Mandwa Village, Raigarh District of Maharashtra. With coconut trees lined up along the shore, the sunset views are mesmerizing, and this beach offers water sports like jet-skiing, kayaking, banana tube ride, and more. It is quite a popular honeymoon destination, thanks to its romantic charm and picturesque skies.
If you’d like to get touristy, there is a church, Buddhist caves, and a temple nearby.
Distance from Pune – 152km, 3.5-hour drive
You can also take a ferry from the Gateway of India to reach here.

5. Varsoli Beach
Varsoli is a laid-back, quiet beach in Alibaug that also serves as the naval base for the Indian Army. This 2 kilometre stretch of palm trees, homestays and cottages with the view of the immaculate water, budget-friendly cafés close to the beach make this one of the most sought-after beaches in Pune.
It offers water sports like parasailing, jet-skiing, bumper ride, and more. If you are a travel-enthusiast, you can also visit the Hanuman Temple, Kolaba Fort, Raigadi Bazaar that are situated just about 4 km from Varsoli.
Distance from Pune – 145km, 3-hour drive

6. Murud Beach
Another stunning beach near Pune, Murud has a beautiful coastline with coconut and palm trees, majestic forts bordering it, the serene environment makes it a place to relax. Having said that, it’s replete with adventures.
Here’s the best part: Sit in a small boat and go dolphin-watching in the sea! And enjoy a beautiful sunset on your way back.
You can go scuba diving, get on a ferry ride to Janjira Fort, go camping under the star-studded sky, and shop for local spices and handicrafts in the market. As for tourist spots, Murad has plenty – Kasa Fort, Garambi Falls, Ahmedganj Palace, and Garambi Dam.
Distance from Pune – 165km, 4-hour drive

7. Kihim Beach
Nobody can deny Kihim’s illustrious beauty. It’s got clear waters, white shores, and a luxurious coastline that extends over 3 kilometres brimming with coconut trees and wildflowers, making it one of the most beautiful beaches near Pune.
You can go swimming, paragliding, and camping, visit the Kolaba Fort, Akshi Seashore, Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple, Kanakeshwar Forest Sanctuary.
Distance from Pune – 145km, 3-hour drive

8. Dapoli Beach
Dapoli is a small, charming town in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra that was once a British military camp, and now attracts travellers from all around the world to its spotless beaches, adventure sports, and monuments. This place is mostly unexplored compared to the other beaches near Pune. It is home to dolphins and other wildlife species, so you can take a boat ride to the sighting area and give your camera the footage it needs!
Distance from Pune – 195km, 5-hour drive

Things To Carry On A Beach Trip
Going back home from a beach trip could mean carrying wet clothes in your bag, probably even filled with sand.
Make sure you carry garments that are light, breathable, and most important – quick drying. Here are some items that you MUST take with you for a hassle-free holiday experience.
A. T-shirts
B. A light jacket
C. Shorts or bermudas
D. Trackpants and leggings, in case you decide to go camping
E. Sandals and flip-flops
F. Toiletry kit
G. Beach essentials – Sunscreen, swimsuit, beach towels, beach bag, sunglasses
H. Mosquito repellent
I. Medical kit


· Which is best beach near Pune?
These are some of the best beaches near Pune: Alibaug Beach, Aksa Beach, Murud Beach, Mandwa Beach, Kihim Beach, Diveagar Beach, Harne Beach.

· Where is beach in Pune?
There are plenty of beaches near Pune like Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach, Murud Beach, Dapoli Beach, Kashid Beach, Velas Beach.

· Which is the cleanest beach in Maharashtra?
Some of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra include: Kashid Beach, Ganpatipule Beach, Bassein Beach, Vengurla Malvan Beach, Diveagar Beach.