Back To Office Essentials

A couple of years after we all packed up our desks and got used to working from home, we are now back to square one. And getting back to the grind means getting your office essentials ready.
From stationary and laptop to your office wear, these are some must-haves you should be adding to your WFO checklist.

Laptop Bags

With a versatile laptop bag, you can take your gadgets to the office or on a business trip. So whether you opt for a messenger or a backpack, it is comfortable to carry around.
For example, check out Wildcraft’s Trident Laptop Backpack.
It comes with a padded back system for better support, and can fit laptops up to 16”. It is ergonomically engineered with airflow channels and the multiple organizers allow you to store your essentials easily.
Or, if you’re a fan of portfolios, you should check out the Wildcraft Courier Portfolio. The classic black adds to its polished look, and it can comfortably fit in a 14” laptop. Again, it comes with a cushioned back system for ease of carrying and several storage compartments, so you can definitely consider travelling with it.
Plus, the 5-year warranty has got you covered for good.

Work Wear

The work week is filled with deadlines, meetings, back-to-back projects. In the middle of all the hustle, it's great to be wearing something that makes you feel confident that it enhances your performance, but also super comfortable.
Business Casual For Men - If there ever was an outfit formula that would see you through the seasons in the office, it would be this one; a semi-formal shirt and khaki trousers.
Or, if you’re office allows this, then a classic black polo T-shirt on jeans or even formal pants should suffice.
For women, an oversized blazer and a classic white blouse is a simple yet sophisticated looks that will make work life easier. Or, you can go with a slim fit shirt tucked into tailored trousers.
As for your footwear, long shifts and hectic work hours get even more difficult when you don’t wear the right ones. It could leave you with shoe bites or limping around.
Here are some sandals and shoes for standing all day which have that get-up-and-go attitude to make any task seem effortless:
Wildcraft sandals are ultra-light and technically designed for durability with supreme comfort. It's amazing how much cushioning underfoot you can get out of them.
If your office doesn’t allow open footwear, there are always shoes for your convenience.
With amazing traction and slip resistance, you can run from one meeting to another effortlessly and the anti-slip laces will ensure that they don’t unravel.


You obviously can’t head to work without the little, but super important essentials! By this, we mean your wallet, your tiffin bag, and water bottle.


This mighty must-have accessory is what carries our clutter around for us every day. To help you keep it organized, here are some wallets that can save you from the hassle of searching for your stuff:

Water Bottle

If you’re one of those people who choose to invest their money into quality, sustainable products they know will last them a lifetime {and we strongly feel you should}, this silicone water bottle is compatible with your every need.
With a high capacity of 650ml, this collapsible bottle is so convenient to carry anywhere you go, be it office or when you’re travelling. The leak-proof design prevents spillage and it is so lightweight!
Alternatively, This crisp matte exterior has interior layers of insulation that keep 600ml of your beverage hot or cold, just the way it is.

Tiffin Bag

Think of this find as a small, functional backpack for your lunch. It’s practical, looks great, and lasts you a long time. The double compartment system and side water bottle allow you to store effectively.

Travel Cases

When we say office, we don’t literally mean in office. You could be taking on short business trips, for which you’d need compact but sturdy luggage. But you obviously don’t want to feel like you’ve overpacked for a couple of days.
We take it that this guide is gonna keep you #ReadyForAnything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the must-haves in an office?

Here are some essentials to have in an office: A notebook, a laptop/PC & charger, a mug, stationary, a water bottle, and preferably some snacks. 

What should I put in my office at work?

Your work desk can have a plant, a mug, stationary – notebooks, pens, pencils, a calendar, and maybe a white board. 

How do I make my office look professional?

Have a minimal, neutral-tone work desk, a good quality couch to compliment it, ambient lighting, and required stationary for your work.