5 Perfect T-Shirts for Spring-Summer 2022


Despite its simple construction and look, a T-shirt is the only garment that will serve your every need and in any situation. It’s #AsVersatileAsYou.
Wildcraft’s latest Spring-Summer Collection 2022 is an amalgamation of lightweight, sun-protective, innovatively designed clothing with a unique HypaCool™ technology for maximum comfort and exceptional performance.

1. Wildcraft Black Round Neck T-Shirt

An iconic black tee with a classic ribbed round neck. The fabric is a polyester-elastane blend that gives it a comfortable stretch and light feel, allowing you to move freely in every direction. This high performance T-shirt comes with a minimalistic textual print on the front and back, and is intelligently designed with reflective branding for when you venture out in the dark.
Made especially for outdoor adventures, it has effective moisture management as it keeps sweat away from your body while you hike an urban trail or hit the slopes. Plus, it be paired with absolutely anything – cargos, trousers, bermudas.

2. Wildcraft Maroon Polo T-Shirt

This solid polo T-shirt is the addition you need to make your wardrobe more outdoor-ready. Loaded with practical features, this one will prove to be a must-have staple.
A colour that's easy to pair with any other and a regular but comfort fit – we’ve started off well already.
The polyester-cotton mix ensures high breathability, you can move freely and the garment stretches to your fit. What’s interesting to note here, is that it comes with a UV protection factor of up to 50, keeping you guarded from the harmful rays of the sun. And, when you’re exploring in low light, there’s also front-and-back reflective branding to safely keep you going.

3. Wildcraft Beige Graphic T-Shirt

Source: Beige Graphic T-Shirt

This looks like an ultra-relaxed T-shirt, and it is, thanks to its comfort level. However, it’s also ultra-ready for any adventure. Get in your travel groove this premium loose-knit 100% cotton jersey features a fun textual graphic on its light-hued front. This T-shirt is built to stay comfortable and classic each day and its unmatched versatility allows you to take it along with you for any activity. We haven’t even gotten to its benefits yet! Its construction is such that you will feel supreme comfort at all times and experience unrestricted movements. The breathable fabric can effectively wick moisture and is quick-drying so it’s perfect for those summer endeavours.

4. Wildcraft Blue Graphic Crewneck T-Shirt

Source: Blue Graphic Crewneck T-Shirt

Every backpacker’s favourite! This powder blue tee is ideal for any hike or urban commute where freedom of movement and moisture-wicking comfort are essential. Made from a lightweight, breathable cotton fabric to keep you cool and dry, this outdoor T-shirt has a fun graphic print and even comes with anti-UV technology to protect you from the harsh sun rays.

5. Wildcraft Henley T-Shirt

Source: Henley T-Shirt

The classic blue Henley tee, with an eased cut for a more relaxed feel and roomy fit, is ideal for the light spring season, when it’s around 20-25°C. Artfully and technically crafted in drop-needle stretchable cotton-elastane, for a luxe feel and a tough outer, this breathable T-shirt accentuates your body in a calm way. The newly engineered pattern and fit dynamics translate to optimal range of mobility and comfort and this design pushes the boundaries both technically and visually. You can match it with some khaki trousers and you’re good to go!
You can’t get more basic than a T-shirt for the summer, but Wildcraft has mindfully incorporated technical details in its construction and a hint of edge with its outdoor prints, so you can be #ReadyForAnything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which type of T shirt is best for summer?

Here are some types of T-shirts that are ideal for summer: Crewneck, V-neck, sleeveless vest, or Polo. As the skin is exposed to the harmful sun rays, it is better to wear something that is gentle on the skin, so cotton T-shirts are the perfect choice.

Which colour of T shirt is best for summer?

It goes without saying that white is the best colour for summer. If you want to add some fun to your outfit, then a cheery yellow, bright orange, or light blue would look great too.

How do you style a T shirt in the summer?

Women can style a T-shirt with a colourful pleated skirt, or printed shorts and white sneakers. For men, a T-shirt actually goes with anything; from khaki Bermudas, to trousers, to even just joggers.

What is the coolest T shirt material?

Some cotton knits that function well in hot temperatures:

Jersey knit provides high breathability and flexibility, Pique is commonly used in Polo shirts, and French Terry is another airy fabric that absorbs moisture effectively.