Best Duffel Bags for Travelling: Tips to Choose the Right Luggage for Your Upcoming Vacation

It’s finally time to take that long due vacation! With the travel industry slowly gaining back its momentum and borders opening up, you might just start planning for a trip soon. However, your goal should be to travel light for you would like to avoid those pesky baggage fees at the airports.

` And keeping that in mind, it’s probably the perfect time for you to choose a duffle bag for travelling. Why a duffle bag and why not a suitcase, you’d ask. Frankly, these are the best options for stuffing a bunch of things inside, that too without making you feel burdened with its weight.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into everything that you need to know about buying a duffle bag (and why you should buy one) for your upcoming vacation.

Why a Duffle Bag for Travelling and Why Not a Suitcase?
Simply put, a suitcase might be heavy and cumbersome to carry on a trip. More so, when you will be travelling for the first time in a while (due to the virus threat everywhere), it’s better to travel light. Again, a suitcase will make you stuff it with more clothes and essentials which you might not even need during your trip. This is because when you see a relatively empty suitcase in front of you while packing, you can’t help but put more things inside! And the result? You’ll have to pay a hefty fee at the airport.

Now, let’s find out a few more reasons to go for a duffle bag:
Great for a Two Bag Travel Itinerary: As you may have guessed already if you are planning a trip with two bags only, a duffel could be one of them. So, what you can do is, shove your essentials, including day clothes, innerwear, and accessories, in the duffel bag and your laptop or other lighter stuff into a backpack.

Great for Road Trips: Duffle bags can be squished almost anywhere in the car during a road trip. This means they are just perfect for you if you are planning a road trip sometime soon. Duffles can actually hold a lot of stuff inside without a fuss. So, you can worry less regarding carrying bigger bags and enjoy the wind in your hair instead!

Easy to Pack: If you are an impatient traveller, who does not like to be too organised while packing, a duffle bag could be the best bet for you. Simply throw all your essentials, including your clothing, into the main pocket and zip it all up. That’s it!

They Are Professional Looking: If you are on a professional trip for a day, it might be a little awkward to walk right into a meeting room with a backpack. It can totally kill the look of your professional attire. In such a case, a duffle bag can look more polished.

Things to Consider While Buying a Duffle Bag for Travelling

As we’ve mentioned earlier, duffle bags can be really great for short trips. However, before you start searching for one, there are a few key considerations that you need to keep in mind to be able to find the perfect one for yourself. What are they? Keep reading.

Your Travel Type: This will obviously play a huge role in picking a duffle for yourself. Ask yourself, why do you need a duffle bag? What is the type of your travel? Is it a hike? A road trip? A business trip? Based on your travel type, find the right design and size.

Durability: As we said earlier, you can squish and squeeze your duffle almost anywhere during the journey. Hence, it’s important to buy something which is made of durable materials. Even the airline workers might handle the bag roughly due to time restrictions. So, be honest with yourself and make sure to buy something which will last.

The Fabric: When looking at the fabrics for a duffle, you will usually see a number followed by the letter D (for instance, 250D, 50D, and so on). Here, the D stands for denier. This measures the weight and thickness of the fabrics. So, the higher the denier, the more durable it will be. Nylon is the most durable in nature. Then comes polyester, canvas (which we often find in certain jackets) and leather.

Interior Space: Some duffels come with tons of pockets and compartments. In contrast, others have zero organisation space inside. So, understand how much space you would need inside your duffle. Are you planning to put all your clothes and other essentials inside your duffel? Or are you just looking for one single space to hold one of two things? Your answer will help you choose your duffle better.

Ready, steady, shop! Now that you’ve got all the knowledge related to finding a duffle bag for travelling, enjoy finding the correct one by browsing through the options at WildCraft.