Beachwear for Men – What to Wear on a Vacation to Goa

Goa is the perfect vacation spot whether you are visiting with your friends, family or your bae. The stunning beaches, gorgeous view, lush greenery, tropical vibe, seafood, oozing party scenes, and so much more make Goa is must-visit for everyone. The city appeals to all tourists, irrespective of their age.

When visiting Goa, do not forget to take hundreds of pictures of the spectacular beaches, backdrops and natural scenes. But to get those Instagram worthy shots, you should wear the right clothes when vacationing in Goa. As such, there is no dress code in Goa. However, different places in Goa require diverse outfits.

For instance, beaches particularly need more laid-back, comfortable outfits. Whether you plan to spend the day walking around the beach or sit and admire the sunset, wearing the right beachwear makes all the difference, not just in photos but also in spirit.

So, if you are heading to Goa, check this quick guide on beachwear for men:

Vest and Shorts

Men’s Vest

Source: Vest For Men

No trip to Goa is ever complete without a good and comfortable pair of vests and shorts. Vest and shorts are an airy combination and perfectly fit in the Goa weather and vibe. Take a striped, bright coloured t-shirt and pair it with super comfortable, slightly loose Bermuda shorts to get the ideal beach look.

The combination of vest and shorts allows ease of movement. So, whether you want to indulge in some water sports, sun basks or walk around, everything is possible with a vest and shorts. Complete the look with a hat and a smart pair of aviators, and you would be turning heads when walking on the beach.

Open Shirts Style

Irrespective of your visiting month, Goa is humid. Hence, the minimum clothes you wear, the better. An open shirt, preferably of a pastel colour, is just what you need to accentuate your style quotient and still feel most at ease.

Wear an open shirt with a striking, bright colour of cotton or linen shorts, and see that vibe you attract. Carry a minimum of three such shirts. If you have abs or a great body, pair your shirts with watersports. It is an awesome attire!


Men’s Bermudas

Source: Men's Cotton Bermuda

Goa is synonymous with shorts, especially Bermudas. Trousers and jeans become too sticky in the Goa weather, and nothing compares to the comfort of a pair of Bermuda shorts. These are close-fitting shorts that extend to the knees.

Bermuda shorts are available in different prints and patterns. You could choose a floral pair of shorts or a printed one and pair it with a plain colour vest. If you want to flaunt your body on the beaches in Goa, wear a Bermuda short solo and let your body soak in the sun.

Colourful printed t-shirts with shorts

Goa is full of vibrant colours, and wearing a colourful printed t-shirt with shorts can never go out of style in this place. So, make sure to pack at least two to three printed t-shirts, some with quirky prints, to ace your beachwear look.

Apart from knowing the perfect beachwear for men, you must carry the right accessories so that your trip is smooth and hassle-free.

Beach Accessories for Men

When you visit the beach in Goa, you are bound to meet the plentiful nature and stunning waves. However, there is so the bright sun right over your head during the day. So, ensure to take a backpack along and keep important accessories and things such as:

• Sunscreen
• UV protected sunglasses
• Hat or cap
• Portable charger
• Extra pair of clothes
• Slippers/sandals or flip-flops
• Scarf
• Some snacks and water
Add any medicines to this list if you feel like you might need something when travelling. Organise everything and take a handy backpack or rucksack to keep everything. Luggage bags like backpacks and rucksacks are ideal for your Goa vacation because these bags are spacious, do not restrict movement and can be easily carried on your back.

Best Luggage Bags from Wildcraft

Luggage Bag

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Wide Range of Beachwear for Men

Wildcraft is a one-stop solution for your vacation needs. Wildcraft offers not only the right luggage bags but also a wide range of beachwear for men. Whether you need that quirky, printed t-shirt, light colour vests or open, breathy, cool shirt, check out the extensive range at Wildcraft.

Shop from the special range of shorts and Bermudas from Wildcraft, and you will be ready for all that Goa has to offer. Pick a nice pair of flip-flops or sandals from Wildcraft, and you are all set for that dream vacation in Goa.


Once you get this beachwear for men list right, nothing can stop you from having a blast in Goa and getting those drool-worthy Instagram pictures. Happy travelling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What is Goa dress?

With a strong Western influence, Goa has always had a more contemporary outlook, but their distinct attire and style is traditional. For women, it is a 9-yard sari called ‘Pano Bhaju’, and men in the state generally wear bright, floral pattern shirts and shorts.


How should I dress for a Goa vacation?

Goa has a laidback vibe and you can sport almost anything, from a maxi dress to a camo T-shirt and never feel out of place. Mostly, considering the weather, the ideal outfit would be a kaftan/loose dress or an oversized T-shirt and skirt, over a swimsuit or a tankini if you’re at the beach.

Men usually wear loose-fitting trousers, cargos or Bermudas with airy, printed shirts and bucket hats.


What should I wear at night in Goa?

The good thing about Goa is that most of the beach outfits are also acceptable at the casinos and the weather is, for the most part, hot and humid. So, you should ideally be wearing comfortable clothes: T-shirts, shorts, relaxed-fit trousers, flip flops and summer caps.


Can you wear jeans in Goa?

You can wear jeans in Goa, but you’ll have to keep in mind that it is generally sweltering hot, unless its winter. So, wearing heavy clothing like jeans and denim jackets might not allow free movement. If unavoidable, ensure that the jeans are lightweight and breathable.


Which type of clothes we wear on beach?

Here are some outfits you could wear to the beach: Crop tee and a skirt, tank top and shorts, floral dress. For men, a vibrant, loose shirt or T-shirt and Bermudas.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!